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Date: 2007-06-04

Time: 2:30 PM EDT; 1:30 PM CDT; 12:30 MDT; 11:30 PM PDT



Minutes Blackboard/WebCT Accessibility Interest Group 06/04/2007
Scribe: Jon Gunderson

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SC: What is goal of this group?

JG: Discussed the goals in the letters.

SC: I am very excited about the possibilities.

JF: This is right on with what we are concerned about

SC: Great

TT: Presentation exercise?

SC: Which person was working group

HR: Jon G and myself

TT: The PP group on grade book

SC: We currently have PDP, but there are some people coming to Blackboard to do some training, in development, Q&A and program managers.  How to use assistive technologies.  There are no dates right now.

HR: We are pretty much agreed in early august.

SC: The ball is our court and probably in early August

HR: Is Jason here?

SC: I guess he couldn't make it

HR: Do you have any update on QA department joining us

SC: We are going to keep it in the usability group for right now, so we don't have a person identified in QA right now, probably after training.

HR: We have been working on this for many months. It seems that ideas are getting lost. We made a lot of progress with ebCT.  The demo server doesn't seem to have the features we see in Vista 4. So we are behind again.

SC: The demo server was traditional blackboard product.

HR: It is for grade book

SC: The version that you are looking at, the features will not be removed from Vista

HR: I hope this is not the case, but it would be sad if the feature are lost

SC: This is absolutely not happening, we are trying to bring the best of both products together

SC: We want to leverage the accessibility features of WebCT into new products

TT: I have access to the same environment and it looks like an empty shell for only the grade book stuff.  This is not a Blackboard full wokring product, there are problems getting to the grade book functions.

SC: We want to include all the current Vista 4 accessibility features

HR: Has Scott finalized trip to Web 2.0 training at UIUC?

SC: Yes, I pretty sure that he is attending

HR: I think he said he has approval, looking for accommodations

HR: I am going to BB2007 conference in Boston

HR: Is anyone else going to BB2007?

TT: No

SC: Are the papers going to be available for us to read?

HR: I am not sure about changing the paper, when it is finalized I can share it.

HR: WebCT 2005 meeting we had a turning point, we met with one of the project manager, and we asked her to login without using a mouse.  That was the turning point of her to understand the magnitude of the problem.  This made the problem very concrete.  I was wondering if I could meet with product managers at BB2007?

SC: That is a wonderful idea, I am the point person this in product management.  I am advocating for as much resources that are needed.  We will have the entire product management team at the training in August.  I will be able to introduce you to them at BB 2007.  When it gets closer to the conference we can schedule time to bring you to their presentations and the booth.

HR: Is there a bird of a feature session?

SC: I will check into it.

HR: I had some question for Scott about support resources.

HR: Update on merging WebCT and Blackboard accessibility groups
What I have done is merged the mailing list into the blackboard list.  I will block the WebCT list from being used.
I updated 51 names and affilations.  There are a few names that I am not sure who they are, could people go to the website and see if you know any of the people.
We have a archive link to the old issues list.  The merge is not complete and it is still in progress.  I labeled all of the teleconference this year to be Blackboard.

JG: What has Waterloo been doing for accessibility?

JF: We have a number of problems with assessment modules and they seem to getting worse.  We are very close to the local school for the blind and have a lot of JAWS users.  We are particularly interested in JAWS compatibility.

HR: Have you much contact with Blackboard?

JF: We have tried through our technology people, but there are lots of other issues, but our issues seem to be getting lost.

HR: We need to have someone from the support team.

SC: One thing is happening in the UK, that things get lost in the translation from one group to another

SC: We are looking for a way for groups like this to report problems 

SF: I don;t think our IT group would have a problem with it

TT: I think it would be critical for the information being integrated, normally accessibility is not highly rated

HR: At the other end we need the infrastructure to listen to the product, sometimes things are labeled feature enhancement, when we think it is a bug.

SC: That is my goal, sometimes knowledge is lost between departments, we want to close the gaps.  If something doesn't work for someone with a disability that is a bug.

HR: I worked with Adrian on forming the group.

SC: I will connect with Adrian

JG: We need to make sure accessibility is part of design

HR: We are working with EBSCO and they are very proactive about accessibility

HR: They are integrating the coding practices are part of the internal design documents  

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