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Date: 2007-08-20

Time: 2:30 PM EDT; 1:30 PM CDT; 12:30 PM MDT; 11:30 AM PDT


BB World 2007 Conference and update on collaboration

In a constructive meeting and discussion with Stephanie Cupp, User Experience Manager at Blackboard, 3 product managers including Kristin Allen, with whom we worked on GradeBook PDP Project, William Murray, User Interface Manager, Andy Jacobson, the Technical Communication Manager, Ella Herz, QA Manager (I meet with her at a different time and place), and two of my colleagues from Educational technology departments, we agreed on the followings:


Blackboard/WebCT Accessibility Teleconference Minutes 08/20/2007
By: Jane Fridrich

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BB World 2007 update

-first face to face meeting with Backboard people and Hadi
-raised potential of Hadi coming for a visit 
-Birds of A Feather session an opportunity to get like-minded people together to discuss accessibility
-good paper related UID  to accessibility of Blackboard and content testing 
-had casual conversation about layers of development for BB and how our group could interact
-clarified that accessibility group would be acting in aan advisory capacity and BB under no obligation to take advice
-based on the different stages of development for BB subgroups suggested 
-Great Centre Accessibility project is similar
-everyone is welcome to participate in Great centre
-current members are Terry, Hadi, John and Phil
-non-disclosure agreement required 
-Suggested that Stephanie Cupp may be able to provide some clarity around involvement in new product vs existing product involvement
-BB group indicated that future development would definitely be a good place to collaborate but unsure about existing versions 
workshop with Hadi
-many 'A-Ha' moments
-differences in using a keyboard for interaction useful
-useful for exposure of development and Q/A  to equipment such as Jaws and Braille keyboard
-best practices were helpful
-speed of screen reader was surprising 
-information in workshop will help organize the development 
-BB:there is a challenge in testing the whole system 
-group members indicated they would provide support so that testing entire system would be less cumbersome and more accurate
-discussion over types of items that are easily testable and replicable- eg. how many properly labelled form controls
-How do we come up with good rules? 
Subgroup formation
Next Steps
-HR:can focus on testing, Q/A, and documentation now
-Idea group will get going later in fall
-Hadi will set up groups, assign members who did not volunteer
-Hadi will set up and chair first session for each group to get them going  
-meet once per month and report and progress to general meeting
-BB may be able to supply metrics to group for tracking of issues 
-Wednesday September 5th next meeting         
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