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Date: 2007-11-01

Time: 2:00 PM EDT; 1:00 PM CDT; 12:00 PM MDT; 11:00 AM PDT


  1. Discussion of the action items from last teleconference including the creation of the BB-DOC Wiki and the posting of the Blackboard information by Andy Jacobson.
  2. Maintenance and format of the Wiki documents.
  3. Resources that have already been created by participating institutions.


Blackboard Accessibility Documentation Sub-group minutes 10/01/2007
Scribe: Jane Fridrich

Next bb-doc meeting


-some folks have seen the wiki some not
-Kevin- easy to create
-Hadi-editing environment a bit different – no place to edit content
- Hadi will do further testing on this 
- Andy has posted pre-existing material
- Andy – BB info posted as an example 
- Hadi- need guidelines to keep project under control
- eg not good practice to reference  external domains unless you have to- files get moved, links get broken- keep inside wiki environment to control content
- eg use headings
-does Athen pro wiki have its own formatting ?- unknown
- other wiki examples:   eg ‘Quick and Easy’ allows preferences to be set regarding interface  
- possibility of seeking out athen group re media wiki at AHG conference to get more info and see if they have ideas on how to fix accessibility issues
- those materials  coming out of BB production documentaion group – basically are the instructor manual with extracted parts on accessibility
- Andy- scope of disability needs makes it hard to make a document relevant to all parties 
-  where to start- Hadi- just put it on there! 
- copyright isues –we will use  referencing – need to look into formats – so we can all do it the same way
-  nov 12 1:30 next major group meeting 
- others from outside group would like to join – will attend next general meeting’
-  we ( BB-Doc) will meet after next general meeting
- action items: 
-each person to  contribute something to wiki by next BB-doc meeting
-  Kevin will put references to versions on main page – we will deal with those versions
- post stuff that is common to versions 
Content leaders to make sure relevant content is  on sub pages and edit as necessary: 
-Lisa -content 
-Jane - AT user
- Debby- support group (general guidelines) 
- Hadi and Kevin - development- best practices
- set up wiki to e-mail when someone edits page 
-November 28 next meeting – Lisa or Kevin to confirm with Hadi 

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