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Date: 2007-11-28

Time: 2:00 PM EST; 1:00 PM CST; 12:00 PM MST; 11:00 AM PST


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Agenda for the next bb-doc Teleconference

  1. Discuss documentation added to wiki
  2. Maintenance and format of the documents

Open Action Items

From Hadi's email:

Our Documentation subgroup is in process of collecting documentations, notes, messages, reference materials and anything related to the following categories.

Everyone and I really mean everyone, please provide any documentation you have or you have or know about either of the topics below to the responsible person mentioned below. If you are not sure whom to send to, feel free send it either to me ( ) or Lisa Fiedor (lisa_fiedor@NCSU.EDU ). Once we have collected enough data, then we want to go through them and revise and update them with the hope that we can compile a comprehensive documentations for everyone who is dealing with Blackboard in one way or another. Of course, we will acknowledge all authors and their respected copyright materials.

BB Support group: Create documentations explaining how AT software/hardware work and how people with disabilities access electronic/web-based information.
Person in charge: Debby Mowry
BB Development group: Create documentations explaining the universal design and helpful features that enable AT software/hardware to access web applications properly-- customized Best Practices for Blackboard application developers.
Person in charge: Kevin Price
Assistive Technology users: Create help files explaining how to use and interact with vista 4 and/or Blackboard Academic Suite with AT software/hardware
Person in charge: Jane Fridrich
Content creator: Create documentation how instructional designers and content crater can produce more generally accessible contents
Person in charge: Lisa Fiedor


Blackboard Documentation Sub Group Teleconference minutes, November 28, 2007
Scribe: Lisa Fiedor

Next Meeting

Action items



Blackboard Course on Accessibility and Universal Design

Andy Jacobson and Beth Stinson presented information about the Blackboard Course on Accessibility and Universal Design that Beth developed. This course is free. The course is for CE6 & Vista 4 and Beth would like feedback from this group. Main audience of course is anyone advocating accessibility in their course. Andy will make a link so everyone can access the course by Friday, 11/30/07.

Information added to the Wiki Discussion

Lisa and Jane added materials to the Wiki that look good. The other areas need to be worked on. Hadi wanted to make sure everyone uses proper headings and and proper list markup when adding information to the Wiki for accessibility purposes. Also it is good to spell check all your added information. Right now we are collecting material and will revise as needed later. We need to search the web to add as many materials as possible. Material needs to be for Academic Suite 7.3 or newer, and CE 6 and Vista 4 or newer. Andy indicated that Pre-existing Blackboard material has changed from Bb AS 6 to current version. Information about the versions covered will be added to the wiki page by Kevin.

Other Discussion

Hadi: Jason Minkoff needs support documentation to educate the support team about accessibility basics and potential problems. Development group could use materials from the Web Accessibility Best Practices group run by Jon Gunderson of UIUC. Jane asked about the differences between CE6 and Vista 4 and Blackboard Academic Suite. Andy indicated we should focus on Vista 4 environment

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