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Date: 2008-01-30

Time: 3:00 PM EST; 2:00 PM CST; 1:00 PM MST; 12:00 PM PST


  1. The Blackboard Accessibility Course feedback
  2. Wiki Review
  3. Documentation about the HTML editors in Bb Academic Suite and Vista.
  4. BB-DOC tag for Is this working for everyone?
  5. Enlarging the BB-DOC group
  6. Brainstorming new ideas for our committee to get results


Blackboard Documentation Sub Group Teleconference minutes, January 30, 2008
Scribe: Kevin Price

Next Meeting

Action items

  1. The link to the Blackboard training is being resent and everyone is asked to provide comments for Beth Stinson.
  2. The browsers supported for all the current Blackboard systems will be sent to the BB-DOC list by Beth Stinson.
  3. Dean Brusnighan and David Schwarte are going to be co-leaders for the Development Group and it will be updated on the Wiki
  4. Kevin Price is going to work on the Support group area. Cindy Poore-Parisseau will be not available for a few months. This will be updated on the Wiki.
  5. Kevin Price is going to work on more navigation on the Wiki to help with navigation.
  6. A page will be created off the Wiki in HTML so we can put links to information that maybe used in other areas of the wiki.. The was inaccessible for some.
  7. Members encouraged to be involved in meeting concerning Best practices for instructional designers who are working for BB-DOC group.


  1. Lisa Fiedor, NC State, Chair
  2. Kevin Price, UIC, Co-Chair
  3. Dean Brusnighan, Purdue
  4. David Schwarte, Purdue
  5. Jane Fridrich, Wilfrid Laurier University
  6. Hadi Rangin, UIUC
  7. Beth Stinson, Blackboard
  8. Konstantinos Yfantis, UIUC

Wiki page


Chair and Co-chair

Lisa is now the chair of the committee and Kevin is switching to co chair.

Browser support

There was a concern about not knowing what browsers that each version of Blackboard. Beth mentioned that Stephanie from Blackboard would have more of this information and that it was "Behind the Blackboard" which is only available for developers. Beth is going to look into get more information that could be posted on the Wiki.

Discussion of Blackboard Accessibility Course

There have been few comments about the Blackboard Accessibility Course since December. David Schwarte mentioned he had problems with incorporating the files into blackboard. The link to the course ( has been sent out so everyone can comment. The HTML files can be commented on to the BB-DOC list.

Discussion of Materials on the Wiki

There have been few updates in each of the Subject areas so the main discussion was on reorganizing some aspects of the Wiki subject areas with David Schwarte and David Brusnighan taking on the Development group, and Kevin Price on the Support group.

There was some discussion on smaller tasks such as creating techniques and tricks that could be included in the development of Blackboard. Hadi asked about incentives for developers to incorporate accessibility but this is something Beth indicated only Stephanie could implement.

BB-DOC tag for

Instead of posting bookmarks on (which was inaccessible), there will be a separate page where people can put bookmarks in html format. Navigation on the page is inconvenient with no links to go back. Kevin Price will work on adding appropriate navigation in the Wiki to go back to the main page. Limitations of the wiki make it hard to create some standard navigations such as bread crumbs.

Enlarging the BB-DOC group

Some people are working on creating instructional design content and they are added to the BB-DOC listserv group. They were meeting on Friday to talk about setting priorities for instructional design, there is a Web site that is being developed to put the information discussed at their meetings.

Brainstorming new ideas for our committee to get results

This discussion was tabled, new ideas were generated also throughout the phone conference.

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