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Date: 2008-07-29

Time: 3:00 pm EDT, 2:00 pm CDT, 1:00 pm MDT, 12:00 pm PDT


Blackboard Documentation Subcommittee

  1. Discuss the plans for the creation of an updated version of the Blackboard screen reader tutorial
  2. Discuss Quick Start guides (available in the Accessibility course under Blackboard Resources)
  3. Generate a list of topics that could be added for new Quick Start guides (and possibly help system)


Blackboard BB-Doc Sub Group Teleconference minutes, July 29, 2008
Scribe: Dean Brunsnighan

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Screen Reader

Beth is working on creating a tutorial for using BB with a screen reader. She has enlisted George

Washington Univ in Washington, DC as a partner in developing the tutorial.

It will be a joint project, so no payment is involved.

Blackboard NG (Next Generation

Blackboard NG (Next Generation) is another name for BB 9.0, and it will be the next release of BB. Beth explained

it has an "accessibility button" that in context explains how to use

keyboard shortcuts to accomplish a task instead of using "drag & drop". There was general agreement that this group

could write a short overview explanation of what the button is for and how it can be helpful for anyone,

whether disabled or not. Beth gave a personal testimonial of how helpful she has found it in certain situations.

Quick Start Guides

Quick Start Guides are written after the basic documentation is completed.

Since basic documentation is not yet finished for 9.0, our group can't

move forward with writing any Guides at this time.

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