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Date: 2008-10-14

Time: 3:00 PM EDT; 2:00 PM CDT; 1:00 PM MDT; 12:00 PM PDT


    Blackboard Documentation Subgroup

  1. Status of Blackboard Screen Reader
  2. Stephanie Cupp's Email
  3. Public Access to Accessibility Course
  4. Keyboard Functionality of Accessibility and creating Index/ Documentation for End Users


Blackboard BB-Doc Sub Group Teleconference minutes, October 14th, 2008
Scribe: Kevin Price

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Blackboard Screen Reader

George Washington University is going to be sharing there progress with Blackboard on the screen reader tutorial on October 27. It is being written for Blackboard 8.0 and will be updated for the 9.0/NG version when it is released. Once George Washington has completed some of their work, the committee will be getting the result so we can provide feedback.

Stephanie Cupp's Email

Stephanie Cupp sent out an email that the Blackboard Web site was going to be made more accessible. This could be more of an opportunity to add accessibility content to the site. Beth said that the Marketing group of Blackboard will be involved in this but it is encouraging that Stephanie mentioned the involvement. Beth will keep the committee informed when a good opportunity may appear for the adding of accessibility information to be added to the site.

Public Access to Accessibility Course

It was discussed that Dean had created a link in the Wiki that made it easy to access the accessibility course. Beth mentioned that it would be easy to find out how many had downloaded the course but it would be hard to find out how many unique users used the online course available for the public. Beth will share statistics that she receives on the downloads.

Keyboard Functionality of Accessibility and creating Index/ Documentation for End Users

There was a discussion of the idea to create "How-to" guides but to start with a few ideas and build on them. Using the Blackboard keystrokes that are on the Accessibility course for one "how-to" was suggested. Getting 12 ideas to start off was a goal. Kevin said he will send some ideas to the committee list and we can start discussion on the list what "how-to guides would be beneficial for the committee to spend its time on.

Blackboard at UIC

Kevin indicated he appreciated meeting with Will Murray and Rob Fay from Blackboard about building accessibility into its products.

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