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Date: 2008-11-25

Time: 3:00 pm EDT, 2:00 pm CDT, 1:00 pm MDT, 12:00 pm PDT


  1. Update on the Blackboard Screen Reader Tutorial
  2. Statistics on the Public Access to Accessibility Course
  3. Keyboard Functionality of NG
  4. Accessibility Index Documentation for End Users--How To Guides
  5. Using WYNN with Blackboard
  6. Action items from the last meeting
  7. Beth will keep the committee up to date on status of the screen reader tutorial.
  8. Beth will keep us informed on how our committee can be involved in the Blackboard Web site under its redevelopment.
  9. Beth will find out the statics on the downloads of the accessibility course to share with the subgroup.
  10. Ideas need to be generated on what "How to" guides need to be developed and then sent to the list. Kevin indicated he will send out a list of ideas within a couple of weeks.


Blackboard BB-Doc Sub Group Teleconference minutes, November 25th, 2008
Scribe: Kevin Price

Next Meeting

Action items

  • Hadi's going to send out a note to everyone on the blackboard accessibility committee asking for ideas concerning subjects for an accessibility help file,
  • We are meeting again December 9th at 2 pm Central time
  • We are going to talk next time to find out what direction we need to focus the help documentation,
  • WYNN discussion was postponed next meeting


    • Lisa Fiedor, NC, Co-Chair
    • Kevin Price, UIC, Co-Chair
    • Hadi Rangin, UIUC
    • Dean Brusnighan, Purdue
    • Beth Stinson, Blackboard
    • Cindy Poore-Pariseau,Bristol Community College


    Status of Blackboard Screen Reader Tutorial

    Beth gave an update. Blackboard has been working with a blind student, Deena, from George Washington University. She has given feedback for usability testing. A writer Rachel Gotlett? filling out a tutorial. A draft has been started and should be sent out to the committee in the next couple of weeks. The tutorial will be basic using JAWS 9.0 in simple HTML. The draft will be given soon to the committee. Blackboard 8.0 was used for the tutorial. Weekly view in JAWS in the calendar works better with JAWS and this could be used in the "how to" guides. A lot of tips on best practices were discovered with the testing. Beth is going to add tips to wiki

    Stats on Accessibility Course

    255 Downloads for the accessibility course since September which has been fantastic. Some university is going add an assessment with the course and faculty have to pass the course before using the course.

    Keyboard functionality

    Beth is going to look and see if there is going to be any new keyboard keystrokes with NG.

    Accessibility How to Project Guides

    We discussed a strategy to approaching the How to project on what specific areas of help that would ease the interaction with blackboard. Discussion on who is going to do what in the project. The help file accessibility tips which are context sensitive is what is needed but is not added in the structure of BB. Context sensitive help and a manual is needed. No interactivity is available with the context sensitive help. Collecting information is key aspect in the wiki, to be adding in the manual first, and then it can be put in contextual help in the next version. Hadi indicated it would be good that everyone in Blackboard accessibility committee to contribute and then we can mold a functional help file. If we don't have enough information about the next generation product it is hard to put together the new help file. Having separate accessibility instruction for content creator is something that would be beneficial was something that was discussed. Student help would be in another format. Decide next time by email, do we need to wait until seeing the NG product before going forward? Also, WYNN discussion was tabled due to lack of time. Content Developers and Students we need to break it between people but there wasn't time and that discussion was tabled to next meeting. Hadi was going to send out the email to the whole group.

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