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Date: 2008-02-22

Time: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. CST


1. Background (Don Amos, Kristen Freilich)

2. Titling each slide (Anne-Marie Armstrong, Vance Martin)

3. Text boxes vs lists (Anne-Marie Armstrong, Vance Martin)

4. Language (Marsha S., Philip Kragnes)

5. Audio clips (Kostas Yfantis, Nolan Crabb)

6. Video clips (Marsha S., Lisa Fiedor)

7. Tables (Don Amos, Norma Scagnoli)

8. Charts: (Kostas Yfantis, Nolan Crabb)

9. Fonts (Kristen Freilich, Cheryl Todd)

10. Color (Christy Blew, Cheryl Todd)

11. Animation (Cath Stager-Kilcommons, Lisa Fiedor)

12. Rehearse timing (Nancy Swenson, Vance Martin)

13. Record narration (Nancy Swenson, Nolan Crabb)

14. Line spacing (Christy Blew, Cath Stager-Kilcommons)

15. Headers & Footers (Kristen Freilich, Cath Stager-Kilcommons)

16. Grids and Guides (Norma Scagnoli, Cheryl Todd)


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