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Date: 2008-03-07

Time: 2-4 PM EST; 1-3 PM CST;


AGENDA for Friday, 3-07-08 (finish PowerPoint, begin with PDF)


1. Audio clips (Kostas Yfantis, Nolan Crabb)
2. Video clips (Marsha S., Lisa Fiedor)
3. Charts: (Kostas Yfantis, Nolan Crabb)
4. Record narration (Nancy Swenson, Nolan Crabb)
5. Grids and Guides (Norma Scagnoli, Cheryl Todd)

PDF TOPICS (with revised research teams)

1. PDF USE & HISTORY (Vance Martin & Phil Kragnes)
2. SCANNED PDF DOCUMENTS (Anne-Marie Armstrong & Don Amos)
3. TAGGING: (Cath Kilcommons & Marsha S.)
4. AUTHORING TOOLS: (Vance Martin & Phil Kragnes)
5. DOCUMENT TYPE & CONVERSION: (Cheryl Todd & Kristen Freilich)
6. SECURITY FEATURES: (Christy Blew & Ken Petri)
7. INTERACTIVE FORMS (Christy Blew & Ken Petri)
8. SCROLLING, NAVIGATION (Christie Gilson & Nancy Swenson)
9. COLOR & CONTRAST CONSIDERATIONS (Nolan Crabb & Konstantinos Yfantis)
10. FORMATTING EFFECTS (Nolan Crabb & Konstantinos Yfantis)
11. TABLES & COLUMNS (Cheryl Todd & Kristen Freilich)
12. IMAGES & ICONS (Cath Kilcommons & Marsha S.)
13. DISPLAYING DOCUMENTS (Christie Gilson & Nancy Swenson)
14. ADOBE'S ACCESSIBILITY CHECKER (Chris Dobson & Lisa Fiedor)



Participants Present:

The biweekly conference call of the BPDCC was held on Friday, February 22nd. The main topic of the meeting was reviewing excellent research conducted by many BPDCC members about best practices for PowerPoint presentations.

Marc convened the group at approximately 1:10 CST. After introductions, Marc urged us to look at the BPDCC website located at

We discussed the criteria used to team members together for research purposes. A decision was made that all subsequent research work should be submitted to the listserve, rather than to Marc or Hadi so that all members can review it. From now on, research teams are requested to put all their results into the, “what, why, how, reference, cross-reference, and examples” format to standardize its appearance and to increase its usefulness. Previously-prepared research documents will be posted to the aforementioned website, and the listserve will be used for discussion of current work being undertaken.

Kristen drew our attention to a resource:
The National Center on Disability and Access to Education

Within our PowerPoint topic for the day, the following subtopics were discussed by group members.

PowerPoint Topics Discussion

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