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Date: 2008-04-18

Time: 2:00-4:00 PM EDT; 1:00-3:00 PM CDT


  1. DOCUMENT TYPE & CONVERSION: (Cheryl Todd & Kristen Freilich)

* Is converting to html still the best way of making PDF documents accessible?
* How easy is it to create html documents from PDF documents?
* How easy is it to make an existing PDF document accessible? What steps are needed?

  1. TABLES & COLUMNS (Cheryl Todd & Kristen Freilich)

* How are tables and columns handled in PDF?
* Are tables created in PDF accessible?

  1. IMAGES & ICONS (Cath Kilcommons & Marsha S.)

* What accessibility issues exist for images and icons in PDF documents?
* How can we work to address these issues?

  1. ADOBE'S ACCESSIBILITY CHECKER (Chris Dobson & Lisa Fiedor)

* Quick & Full check.
* How well do they work?
* What do they miss?

  1. Animation (Vance Martin & Phil Kragnes)
  2. Accessible Components (e.g. buttons, text input) (Anne-Marie Armstrong & Don Amos)
  3. Keyboard Access (Cath Kilcommons & Marsha S.)
  4. Captions (Cheryl Todd & Kristen Freilich)
  5. Reading Order (Christy Blew & Ken Petri)
  6. Text Equivalents (Christie Gilson & Nancy Swenson)
  7. Audio Playback Control (Nolan Crabb & Konstantinos Yfantis)
  8. Testing for Accessibility (Chris Dobson & Lisa Fiedor)


BPDCC Accessibility Teleconference Minutes 04/18/2008
Scribe: Marc Thompson

Action Items

  1. Marc will create a master list of research teams that will be published to the BPDCC listserv.
  2. Marc will create a series of subdirectories in Netfiles to allow research teams access to their research findings. Research team members can then download, edit, and upload their revisions on the Netfiles system.
  3. Hadi will manage the Netfiles ticket system and versioning so that research team members receive a special "ticket:" URL they can use to access their research files.
  4. Additional testing on how well TC displays flash objects in follow me mode (Hadi and Marc)

Next Teleconference


  1. Don Amos
  2. Christy Blew
  3. Christy Gilson
  4. Vance Martin
  5. Hadi Rangin
  6. Nancy Swenson
  7. Marc Thompson (facilitator)


Discuss Revision of Collaboration Web Page

We used the TC Conferencing system to display the revised BPDCC collaboration page. Revisions to the collaborations page include the following:

Review of Basic Flash Accessibility Information Pages
Research Consolidation & Revision Plan

Now that we have gathered a good bit of research on best practices for the web, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and Flash, we will begin a period of consolidation and revision before moving on to other instructional design applications, like Camtasia and Captivate.

Research files on Netfiles

All our research findings are currently located on a UIUC netfiles server that uses a special ticket for BPDCC members only that allows read-write access to our research files. As research is still underway, please do not share the research or special ticket with others outside the group at this point in time.

Text files and Word files that BPDCC members submitted have been placed in directories labelled by application, and subdirectories by research team and topic. For example, Don and Kristen's work on MS Word backgrounds can be found in the directory "word/amos-frielich_background."

To revise, just navigate to your respective research file on the netfiles server using the special ticket above. Then download your file, edit it on your computer, and upload the file when you've finished making your changes. Although netfiles uses a versioning system, it would still be a good idea for you to check with your research partner to make certain you are both happy with your revisions before uploading your revised work to netfiles.

2 Criteria for Revision: Organization & Content

All BPDCC members have read-write access to the research files and should use the next month and a half to revise for organization and content as follows:

1. Revise for Organization: make sure your findings follow the what, why, how, ref (sources) format we have discussed at previous meetings.

2. Revise for Content: in some instances your research findings are incomplete and need additional content; in others, you may find that you wish to change, or add to, information you have already provided.

Feedback on TC Web Conferencing Tool

Although some users experienced some technical difficulties, all agreed that we should try TC web conferencing again for our next meeting.

Tentative Agenda Topics for Next Meeting

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