Big Ten Plus IT Accessibility Coordination Teleconference Minutes

Date: Friday, January 12th

Time: 9:00am CST (10:00pm EST)

Phone: (217) 265-8030 

Attendees: Charmane Corcoran (Michigan State), Ken Petrie (OSU), Phil
Kragnes (U of MN), Janet Peters (Great Lakes ADA Center), Hadi Bargi
Rangin (UIUC), Jon Gunderson (UIUC), Mike Elledge (MSU), Christy Blew
(UIUC), Mike Venzon (UofIA), Christian Johansen (Penn State), Alice ?
Guests: Kim Kokenakes, Purchasing at MSU, Tom Delani and Natalie Crook,
Purchase at UIUC

1. Update on CIC IT Accessibility Interest Group Conference at U.

The conference dates have been confirmed and are June 20 - 21, 2007 at
the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.  The conference will try to
include a tour of the Usability lab at Walter Library (close to the
meeting space). 

Action Items: Tentative Agenda Sent to Group (Phil) - done 1/12/07

2. Creation of a CIC Working Group on IT Accessibility and Usability 

Sue Lewis has taken a new job in the college of education and
responsibilities may not include this group.  Charmane reported on the
CIC working group process.  The draft memo has been approved and the
next step is to send it to the CIOs at respective schools. Draft Memo to
t_rsZrOH9I Commitments to send the memo to their CIO came from: Phil,
Ken, Charmane, Christian, Mike, Alice, and Mike E. 

Action Items: Jon will be contacting Purdue and Indiana separately and
also talking with Anthony Wales who is now with University of Michigan.

3. EBSCO Database Accessibility 

EBSCO database is a primary database for bibliographic searches.  There
is a teleconference scheduled for 2 February 2007 at 9:00am CST (10:00am
EST) to discuss accessibility issues and create some momentum with
library tools.  The group was asked to talk with their library people.
OHS, Mich. State, and Penn State committed to attending the meeting. 


Action Item: Jon agreed to send additional information on the meeting,
which could be forwarded to appropriate library people by the group. 

Action Item: Hadi has been doing some analysis on the EBSCO database and
has agreed to send a link to those notes to the group. 

4. Purchasing Policies 

There was discussion on purchasing policies, specifically contract
language when issuing RFPs.  The special guests were Kim Kokenakes,
Purchasing at MSU and Tom Delani and Natalie Crook, Purchasing at UIUC.
One of the key issues with purchasing is validation and enforcement of
accessibility claims by companies competing for the contract. The
language developed with the latest UIUC RFPs related to the Global
campus initiative, is hoped to be used as standard language in future
RFPs. There was some discussion on the length of those questions, which
was long and if and how that could be condensed but still be effective.
The process has also been helpful in educating those involved to the
accessibility issues. Jon mentioned that also asking the company's
commitment to accessibility can also be gauged by questions like:
adherence to with W3C guidelines, internal design processes, testing
with people with disabilities, and their employment of people with
disabilities. Jon discussed tools, such as the FAE and browser plugin
for foxfire, that will hopefully make the assessment process easier.  


It was determined by the group to continue discussion of this topic in
the next teleconference. 


Action Item: Natalie will send Kim their current purchasing contract 


Action Item: Phil will send the UofMN Checklist to the group - done


5. Coordination meeting schedule 

   9 February 2007 at 9:00am CST (10:00 EST) (217) 265-5200

   2 March 2007 at 9:00am CST (10:00 EST) (217) 265-5200

   6 April 2007 at 9:00am CST (10:00 EST) (217) 265-5200

   4 May 2007 at 9:00am CST (10:00 EST) (217) 265-5200

   1 June 2007 at 9:00am CST (10:00 EST) (217) 265-5200

6. Agenda for 9 February meeting 

Proposed Agenda Items

1.	Review of the CIC IT Accessibility Interest Group Conference 
2.	CIO/CIC Update 
3.	Purchasing Policies