Big Ten Plus IT Accessibility Coordination Teleconference Minutes

Date: Friday, April 6th

Time: 9:00am-10:00am CST or Chicago Local Time (10:00pm - 11:00pm EST)

Phone: (217) 265-8030


Minutes for CIC Teleconference, April 6

Attendees: John Gunderson from University of Illinois;, Phil Kragnes from Minnesota; Charmane Corcoran from University of Michigan; Christian Johansson from Penn State; Hadi Rangin from University of Chicago; Brian McMurray from U of Iowa; Mike from University of Iowa; Alice Anderson from University of Wisconsin Madison. Margaret Londergan from Indiana University; Mary Stores from Indiana University. There may have been other attendees who joined the call late whose names were not captured.

One item on the agenda from last time was how to incorporate Disability service providers into the conference. Some DSS office include technology responsibilities, others do not. One issue of interest to DSS providers is alternate media production. Determining a way to facilitate information for DSS providers, especially when technology responsibility resides in the IT organization would be useful. Not much done yet, but Brian went to OHIO State and is part of the Illinois meeting. Margaret states this is a good idea, because what we do at IU for our students is develop a bridge between DSS and what we do at ATC. Solutions must be thought of so everyone can work together. This will be a break-out session not a workshop.

One goal from last time was to outline a series of panel discussions from Phil's agenda, developing 2 tracks appealing to slightly different audiences. A list of people associated with organizing panels will be started today. Perspectives from multiple campuses.

Going over agenda

9-9:45: Opening Remarks. Phil is pulling together those who will participate in opening remarks.

9:45: CIC Member Updates and Project Overviews. A panel member from each university will give a five minute update from their campus including but not limited to items such as:

-updates on local conferences

-accessibility projects and accomplishments

-endeavors planned for the coming year

10:30 Break followed by tour of usability lab. Shuttle service will be arranged although the lab is within walking distance. Eye-tracking technology should be a draw.

12:00 Lunch

Breakout Sessions Spanning Wednesday and Thursday.

General conversation:

Web Accessibility: Making the Case--Phil will organize the session

Purchasing policies: John Gunderson will organize.

The document conversion session will be organized by Margaret Londergan and each university will have an opportunity to tell what they are doing in the area of alternate media creation. Alice Anderson, Mike Vincent from Iowa and Angie Anderson will assist. Possibly also people from Penn State. Library document conversion will also be covered in this session. Hadi will organize the Biliographic and library session.

Captioning and Sign Language Interpretation: Mari Magler is a director of interpreting. Brian would be happy to be a part of the panel as well. The focus of the session will be captioning/access in a wider sense than merely videos. Covered will be traditional captioning of audio, podcasting, and real time captioning. If was suggested that if Mari was unable to lead this session, that maybe Scott would be willing.

Web Accessibility tools and techniques will be a panel session. What are campuses doing to evaluate accessibility in terms of reporting web access issues in the universities. What are the tools people are using to determine accessibility conformance? How are people implementing reporting requirements on campus? It was suggested that people could possibly write to the listserv and indicate areas that interest them. Jon would like to put together the session. The key point of the discussion is to share information regarding how institutions evaluate whether accessibility guidelines/policies are being met and what happens if they are not. Maybe schools aren't very far along in developing web accessibility requirements and techniques. Jon suggested Web Accessibility Policy and Conformance for the title of this session.

Conference Proceedings

Wednesday evening: dinner at local restaurant; Thursday: tour of disability services and wrap-up session. Jon said we should start publicizing the event. Phil will get an online registration set up. The event will be in McNamara Alumni Center, 2nd floor, Office for Lifelong Learning Room. Phil will check local hotels in the area for conference pricing. There are also dorm facilities,which can be obtained for $46 a night versus $139 at public venues. The dorm facilities have a linen services, balconies overlooking the room, private baths. For those wanting to use Map quest to visit the campus, the zip code is 44555. If the group grows and there needs to be another room, then there is the Regents room on 6th floor. Lunch will be buffet style; vegetarian needs will be accommodated. Building has wireless access; Phil will check into dealing with guest logins. Both rooms have built-in projector screens.

CIC working group phone meeting with CIOs. . Jon will be traveling. Since Jon will be traveling, could someone commit to being there to serve as back-up? John might be able to join if his flight is delayed. Hadi said he'd be interested in being Jonís backup. John will e-mail Ken and Joe.

CIC Tech Forum: Proposals for this yearís forum are due next Friday. It is geared to middle and senior managers so they can learn what other campuses are doing in relationship to information technologies. There are panel sessions with 15-minute presentations on e-mail, storage, authentication issues, etc. In the future or even for the upcoming TF, the CIC Accessorily Working Group should consider proposing a single session focusing on accessibility to include:

-web policy and enforcement

-working with 3rd party providers of web tools and other enterprise systems to ensure systems are accessible

-accessibility of podcasting

-ITunes University

-purchasing policies

-accessibility of emerging technologies

-accessibility of clicker systems

Jon will try and call Karen on Monday to see if a panel could be suggested for this year. .

Next teleconference scheduled for May 4, first Friday in May. Another one scheduled for June 1 will be needed for last-minute coordination of the conference.

Alice Anderson wants to talk about conference call on Wednesday with CIO's. Margaret would be interested in making accessibility not just an after-thought or add-on. Work with administrators, planners and departments to make accessibility a more integral part of the university infrastructure across multiple venues and service areas. That will be a topic at the conference with administrators and managers.