Dates: 1 June 2007 
Time: 9:00am CDT (10:00am EDT) 
Phone: (217) 265-5200

Charmane Corcoran (MSU)
Janet Peters, (UIC)
David Schwarte (Purdue)
Hadi Bargi Rangin (UIUC)
Jon Gunderson (UIUC)

Phil Kranges (Minnesota)

1. Workshop Coordination Issues

2. CIC Website Information Collection
* Names and e-mails of 4 official members
* Contact person
* Links to important campus accessibility resources

1. Reviewed FTF meeting schedule and made some edits to names 
   and deleted Michael Elledge from Course management

2. Reviewed CIC group formation
   a. We need names and e-mails of 4 representatives from each 
      institutions for a NEW listserv managed by the CIC

   b. One person to serve as a public contact for the NEW website 
      being managed by the CIC.  This name is someone that the 
	  public could contact to ask questions about IT accessibility 
	  activities on your campus.

   c. Links to important IT Accessibility resources on your campus:

1. Policies
2. Best pracices
3. Training
4. Tools
5. Other important resources
3. Discussed draft CIC report developed by Charmane, please send comments to her.  
   Thank you for doing this Charmane.