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Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)

University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign

Campus IT Accessibility Policies

Web Accessibility Policies at CIC Institutions
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Illinois at Urbana/Champaign




  • Single-A conformance
  • Most of Double-A conformance
  • Parts of Triple-A conformance
Proposed web best practices based on Section 508 and WCAG Proposed in draft roadmap

Working to:

Iowa Information Technology Services: Web Accessibility Yes n/a Based on section 508; See Recommended Practices Universal Access Policy Group  
Wisconsin Yes n/a see Accessibility Statement UW-Madison Web Accessibility Policy  
Minnesota Yes n/a A combination of both 508, WC3, and University policy. See Comparison Chart Minnesota Policy Statement  
Northwestern Recommended Recommended Accessibility Recommendations n/a  
Purdue n/a n/a See Accessibility Policy; Accessible Web Site Guidelines The Purdue Universal Access Initiative  
Indiana Web Accessibility Guidelines Recommended Recommended Combination of both 508 and W3C; See Web Accessibility Guidelines n/a  
Michigan State n/a Recommended n/a Statement of Encouragement  
Ohio State Recommended Recommended A combination of section 508 and W3C WCAG 1.0 Policy Statement  
Penn State Penn State Initiative Required Recommended A combination of section 508, W3C WCAG 1.0, and their own Policy AD54 Web Page Design and Image