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Date: 2008-09-05

Time: 8:00 AM MST, 10:00 AM CDT, 11:00 AM EDT, 4:00 PM BST


  1. Group's opinion on the Dialog Setting area of the new Preferences design.
  2. D2L has approval to post the the WCAG checklist and VPAT on the AIG site.
  3. Reports from D2L: D2L has fixed some issues in 8.3.1 (released August 23):
    • JavaScript warning before a session expires. (LE and eP)
    • Icons, navbars, tool menus, and HTML Editor adjust with browser settings. Note: icons don't adjust with changes to font size in Preferences (design decision).
    • Navbars don't adjust with font size changes in Preferences (actively working on this).
    • Navbar adjusts when users zoom using their browser settings. (Does not adjust when Preferences are changed. Under development)
    • Toolbars use unordered lists instead of tables.
    • In areas that use an image beside a link both the image and link can be clicked. This was reported as a problem during Joe Wheaton's usability testing when users tried to click the picture of a file rather than the file name when downloading an attachment on a discussion message.
    • Screen reader users were having difficulty determining how to use the HTML Editor when it was collapsed by default in a rich text field. The Icon for the HTML Editor on collapsed rich text fields now has two states to help indicate that there is a collapsible HTML Editor. The two alt texts are: Show Editor for [field name] Hide editor for [field name].
    • The schedule tool now reads the current date and selected date as "Today [day]" and "Selected [day]" so that non-visual users get the same information as visual users when reading the calendar table.
    • Row headers for data/configuration page tables are planned for upcoming release.
  4. The AIG Whitepaper is being posted in the Whitepapers section of the Desire2Learn corporate site (public). It will have a different appearance than the one we currently have posted on the AIG site, but identical content.
  5. Discussion of whether Accessing Higher Ground meeting will be adequate for Dave and Sandra meeting with Ken and Hadi. That is, is it necessary for Hadi and Ken to go to the D2L campus in the Fall? Will there be ample time at AHG? What are the primary goals of AHG face-to-face meetings?


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