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Date: 2007-08-23

Time: 10:00 AM EDT; 9:00 AM CDT; 8:00 AM MDT; 7:00 AM PDT



Elsevier Accessibility Teleconference Minutes 08/23/2007 By: Jon Gunderson

Next Meeting

  • Date: Friday September 7, 2007
  • Time: 10:00 AM EDT; 9:00 AM CDT; 8:00 AM MDT; 7:00 AM PDT
  • Phone: 217 244-7532


  • Ted Gies, Elsevier
  • Jon Gunderson, UIUC
  • Hadi Rangin, UIUC
  • Mary Beth Allen, UIUC
  • Ranti Junus, MSU


Video Clips
HR: The video clips are a available, have you been able to view them
TG: The video clips are very useful
TG: The letter of support and the video clips will support access to a development server
MB: The demonstration you provide are very useful to our staff
ACTION: JG contact PK e-mail about Elsivier letter
ACTION: MB draft letter and send to group for review
HR: I have been updating the website and included 3 people from Elsevier
TG: Those people are fine to review the letter
HR: RJ did you get to view the video clips
RJ: no not yet
HR: I have been working on the clips and was not able to get them up until last night
Development Server
What's Next
HR: How can we help
TG: The journal holding we have are science and medicine
HR: I am interested in working on the MathML
TG: we use MathML on html versions of the pages
HR: Maybe we can work on later in the collaboration
HR: What is your production process
TG: I did some accessibility reviews last year to managers and they were added to product requirements
TG: The process is to prioritize requirements, currently the requirement for accessibility have not been highly rated
JG: Would EBSCO implementation be a factor with management
TG: Probably, especially press releases
TG: September 17th there will be a big requirements meeting, I will bring this collaboration up at this meeting
TG: Could we have the letter before
JG: Deadlines and opportunities are very useful
HR: You can use the video clips to show some of the problems
HR: What is the next session?
JR: The September 17th is a critical for administration buy in at Elsivier
JG: You can restrict access to individuals commit to doing the work
TG: Should we first go over the issues today?
Discussion of schedules for next meeting
TG: We do quite of bit of usability and have been working with NFB and library of congress
JG: We would be happy to work with you on usability testing Next meeting: Friday, September 7th 
Action Items
  • Jon contact Philip Krragnes regarding about Elsivier letter
  • Mary Beth drafts letter and send to group for review
  • Hadi populate Issue list

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