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Date: 2007-09-07

Time: 10:00 AM EDT; 9:00 AM CDT; 8:00 AM MDT; 7:00 AM PDT



Elsevier Accessibility Teleconference Minutes 09/07/2007
By: Ranti Junus

Next Meeting




Suitable meeting time

Discussing other meeting time possibilities; Fridays seem not OK for some of the group participants. suggested time: Wednesday 10:00 EDT/ 9:00  CDT

Letter to Elsevier

The plan to distribute the letter raised red flags from CIC.
Jon will meet with the Library to formalize the process, not only for Elsevier but for other databases as well.
Might take sometime to get formalized.

Elsevier development

Will need to prioritize due to limited staff resources; usually bypass the accessibility. Customer requests tend to get priority.
Accessibility might get more attention if customers request it.

Video clips

Ted: need  more clarification on the video about structure .  Example: header tag for the tabs on the search result.
Hadi: the header will be the active tab 
Ted: Tags on an unordered list?
...Detailed discussion how to make tab pannel interfaces accessible...

Ted: The best way to present the numbered results?
Hadi:  Best to avoid tabular result; using colspan or rowspan destroy the structure.
Ted: Users with screen readers can read the tabular data OK?
Hadi: not if use colspan/rowspan, as well as the nowrap

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