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Date: 2007-10-10

Time: 10:00 AM EDT; 9:00 AM CDT; 8:00 AM MDT; 7:00 AM PDT



Elsevier Accessibility Teleconference minutes 10/10/2007
Scribe: Nymphaea Notschaele

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Ted presented the clips to Scopus team in September. We talked about how to make Scopus more accessible what needs to change in process. For example if there are coding guide lines, what technologies are used at Elsevier and who decides on the technologies used.

There has been an Ebsco press release about how they improved the accessibility and these findings will be presented on a conference (higher grounds)

There will be an meeting of the North America Advisory board with Elsevier from the university Paula will attend and she agreed to mention accessibility to Elsevier. John will see if he can find out who of Elsevier is attending.

Ted and Nymphaea will give a Webinar to improve general awareness in Elsevier on Web accessibility (planed for next month).
We can plan a Webinar for Scopus internal; to education, share success stories and have an open question forum. We would like to have you contribute in this.

There is a best practices group, they meet to discuss technical details (web 2.0 etc) of web accessibility. Ted and Nymphaea are welcome to join.

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