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Library is one of the fundamental resources for every student and faculty. Library offers various on and off campus products to help university community to conduct their researches and studies. CARLI Catalog is one of the great resources used by many libraries in Illinois educational institutions and is also the first tool that our students and faculty use for their works. This great resource has some critical acccessibility problems that prevent users with disabilities to utilize it. We have compiled an accessibility report on CARLI voyager Catalog that highlights some of the accessibility problems. We would like to work collaboratively with all institutions that use CARLI Voyager Catalog and CARLI developers collaboratively to address and resolve all potential accessibility problems to make this great resource accessible to everyone including those with disabilities.

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Open Action Items

Paige will send the UIUC test report on Web Voyage accessibility to Linda. A post call request from Ex Libris Development staff is to have a cover sheet listing the relative priorities within the report. What are most important issues to address within the priority areas?
Person responsible: Paige Weston, Hadi Rangin
Status: Scheduled for 06/15/2007
Paige will share the URL's that list the UIUC Best Practices on functional accessibility along with details on two UIUC accessibility development training sessions on May 22-23 and June 12-13 in Urbana.
Person responsible: Paige Weston
Status: Completed on 05/10/2007
  • Linda and Mike to determine a Voyager 7 database can be made available for testing early in the coding or QA process, and determine options to have accessibility input earlier in the process than field test.
    Person responsible: Linda Voyles, Mike Dicus
    Status: In progress
  • The CARLI team will share updates on plans via controlled websites and add Linda and Mike to accessibility mailing list for UIUC
    Person responsible: Paige Weston, Hadi Rangin
    Status: Partially completed; discussing potential secure websites options
  • Linda will schedule a follow up call June 14-15 to determine next steps with development team.
    Person responsible: Linda Voyles
    Status: In progress
    Report bug with JAWS screen reader
    Person responsible: Jon Gorman, Paige
    Status: In progress; Jon gorman is going to setup Jaws on his computer. He is also going to file a bug report with Freedom Scientific, at the same time, he will be improving the timeout message.
    Accessibility report on Advance Search and Course reserves tabs
    Person responsible: Hadi
    Status: Scheduled for 06/15/2007; report appears in the issue list.
    Set alt='' for disabled imaged
    Person responsible: Paige
    status: Scheduled for 06/15/2007
    Looking into high contrast view problem
    Person responsible: Jon Gorman
    Status: In progress; I'll attempt to solve this in the next two weeks.
    Looking into adding a heading for the buttom navigation bar
    Person responsible: Jon Gorman
    Status: In progress; I'll attempt to solve this in the next two weeks.
    Considering to replace the image map navigation bar with a mor universal solution
    Person responsible: Jon Gorman
    Status: In progress; It's proven a little difficult to convince anyone of this, I'll give it one more try in the next week or two..
    Implement redundant links for image map is possible if we stick with image map
    Person responsible: Jon Gorman
    Status: In progress; I have some changes in the development area, but I also need to do some maintenance to make sure that my development area is where I want it to be.  I plan on working with CARLI to ensure this.
    Improve the use of style sheet as much as in our control
    Person responsible: Paige
    Status: Scheduled for 06/15/2007
    Problem with default language in result page
    Person responsible: Paige
    Status: Scheduled for 06/15/2007; No control over the default language setting for content (result page); this issue with be discussed wit with the CARLI programming staff
    Timeout counter is an INPUT element and has no label
    Person responsible: Jon Gorman
    Status: In progress; I'm not sure if I can actually change this.  The timeout is a CARLI script, I'll have to override it with our own script.  I am planning to create several mockups soon of different time out approaches, none of which will use form elements or change tab order.  I'll send these it to both of you (Hadi and Paige) when I have them ready.  Feedback would be great.  If we make a choice, I'll put it in the Development area so Hadi can see if that removes the crashing problem.
    Title element does not convey info about the current page
    Person responsible: Paige, Jon Gorman
    Status: Scheduled for 06/15/2007; Limited control over the title element; default title can be changed; Yeah, not much we can do about it, sad to say.
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