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Date: 2007-05-08

Time: 10:00 AM EDT; 9:00 AM CDT; 8:00 AM MDT; 7:00 AM PDT



CARLI/Ex Libris Accessibility Teleconference 05/08/2007
Scribe: Linda Voyles & Hadi Rangin

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Plans for Voyager 7

Due to confidentiality and company's concerns, the upcoming improvements/enhancements of Voyager 7 cannot be made available to public. However, members of the CARLI/Ex Libris Accessibility list can access the information at the secure area of the CARLI Access home page. Please contact Hadi Rangin (e-mail: or Paige West (e-mail: for username/password. If you have been already granted access to this document, please go to Plans for Voyager 7

Major issues with Voyager 6

CARLI and the UIUC accessibility team have done extensive testing with other software vendors like Blackboard, WebCt, EBSCO etc . The main accessibility concerns with current functionality in Voyager 6.1 Web Voyage are:

Functional accessibility

It was noted that W3C standards on accessibility are very involved and abstract so its hard to follow for non experts. 508 is more understandable but being 508 compliant does not mean that the software is functionally accessible. An example of functional accessibility is when content changes from one language to another (e.g. German descriptions in an English record). This should be flagged at the level it appears, but that requirement is not covered in the 508 guidelines.

The UIUC team recommended using FireFox accessibility Extension and Functional Accessibility Evaluator for testing 508 compliance and offered to test Voyager 7 using their software.

The impact of earlier access in testing will need to be balanced to maintain the overall Voyager 7 release schedule, as will any expanded work beyond current resource plans for 508 compliance. Depending on the scope of the work, some issues related to functional accessibility may be slotted for later versions of Voyager planned for later in 2008.

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