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Date: 2007-06-15

Time: 3:00 PM EDT; 2:00 PM CDT; 1:00 PM MDT; 12:00 PM PDT



CARLI/Ex Libris Accessibility Teleconference 06/15/2007



Hadi objected to emphasis on "ADA," preferring emphasis on "accessibility."

Ex Libris will not make its development server available to off-site testing but, Hadi and Paige are invited to the Chicago offices in November or December to do some pre-field-test testing.
Linda admitted that their Jerusalem office had done something similar during MetaLib development and that it had worked out well. They want to combine the best of that approach with the best of the field test approach that they already have the infrastructure to support.

Hadi and Jon Gunderson objected to relying solely on field testing is that by then it's too late to make significant changes.

Robert agreed to review the best practices documents that Hadi/Jon supplied, and graciously accepted Jon's gracious offer to answer any questions about best practices that he and his developers have.

Linda said they'd shared UIUC's accessibility testing tools with the MetaLib developers in Jerusalem, and were waiting to hear back from them.

Robert is going to mark up Hadi's list of specific concerns about the current WV to indicate which problems he believes will be addressed in 7.0.

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