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Date: 2007-09-07

Time: 11:00 AM EDT; 10:00 AM CDT; 9:00 AM MDT; 8:00 AM PDT



Ebsco Accessibility Teleconference Minutes on 09/07/2007
By: Khalilah Gambrell



Discussed Hadi’s report (http://cita.uiuc.edu/collaborate/libraryebsco/docs/ebsco_testing_07082007.htm)

Choose Database Selection Page
Basic and Advanced Search pages
Limiters and Expanders
Articles Details page
Results List page

Action Items

  1. Hadi to re-test the usability of the following dropdowns:
    • Language by
    • Sort by
    • Select Databases
  2. Hadi will send a link to the survey tool WebToolshop
  3. Ken and Khalilah will test Survey Gizmo for accessibility as it has been recommended on other listservs (http://www.surveygizmo.com/)
  4. Khalilah will gather a brief explanation of how Editorial develops accessible PDFs  - possibly have someone come to the next meeting
  5. Khalilah will send several results for Hadi and Ken to test for PDF Full Text accessibility

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