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Date: 2007-10-12

Time: 12:00 PM EDT; 11:00 AM CDT; 10:00 AM MDT; 9:00 AM PDT



Ebsco Accessibility Teleconference 10/12/2007
Scribe: Hadi Rangin

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Final draft of the AHG paper

Discussed potential changes,/feedback on the paper that willbe presented at a panel discussion at the Accessing Higher Ground 2007.
Ken Volunteered to apply the final changes.
Hadi will re-submit the final draft to Howard Kramer at AHG 2007.

Final draft on the paper: Collaboration as an Effective Way to Achieve Accessibility: A Consortiumís Work with the EBSCO Library Research Database (Adobe Reader required)

Moderation and script for panel discussion

Hadi suggested to send info regarding the moderation and script for the panel discussion. He volunteered to be the moderator. Here's his suggestion:

Involvement in the Ebsco accessibility collaboration
How we worked together
Benefits of this collaboration
Questions & answers

Note that we will be 5 people at the panel-- Ron, Khalilah, Jon, Christie, and Hadi

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