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Date: 2007-02-23

Time: 9:00 AM CST


  1. Post accessibility problems of Ebsco as individual issue in the Issues list
  2. Follow up with Ron Burns regarding the demo server
  3. Provide statistics about the most visited pages


EBSCO Teleconference Notes for 23 February 2007


Jon Gunderson, UIUC 

Hadi Bargi Rangin, UIUC 

Ron Burns, EBSCO 

Kal Gambrell, EBSCO 

Kimie Kester, EBSCO 

Yuriy Voznyuk , EBSCO 

Diane Moody, EBSCO 

Bill Pankey, Harper 

Lin Yong, UIUC 

Ken Petri, OSU 


Issues List

Issue 1: Title and Issue 2: Heading level 1 missing

RB: Some of the title issues should by April and the rest by summer 

RB: Basic search page, advanced search page and results page: type of page 

RB: Probably will not be able to include database 

HR: What are the dates 

RB: April or Summer april 

RB: In bookmarks we will add a title of the article 

HR: Is colon is a valid character in UNIX, but & is not  

JG: We also want the TITLE to be part of H1 

RB: Can the H1 be hidden 

HR: They are tabbed based 

JG: Talking about the use of h1 and to indicate the title of the page 

RB: We think we can use the selected tabs as h1 

Issue 3: Structural headings missing

Advanced Search: Refine Search Section Headings

KP: Using limiters and expanders in h2 

RB: Below the find box there is an area for limiters 

KP: Links next to a reset button 

RB: These are links to jump to expanders 

KP: Those should be fieldsets and use of the legend 

KP: fieldset prefixes lables with lengend, and headers provide navigation 

HR: Fieldset is very useful when you similar labels in to parts of a page 

HR: The form elements in the “Refine Search” may be unique enough not  

ACTION KP: Check to see if legends and headers can be used together 

JG: Does this  

YR: I thought about using legends, but i did not see it on the issues list 

KP: The issue is whether the label is ambigious, the legend can help with that 

KP: I just looked in HTML specs that a legend cannot contain a header 

KP: If you are just doing header navigation 

JG: What about a hidden legend 

YR: Then wouldn't it read twice 

KP: Two much or two little is a problem 

JG: Maybe headings on the “Refine Search” 

HR: Legends may not add very much 

RB: Legends would be more work 

KP: Are you doing any static mockups, then we could have some variations for user testing 

RB: I'll look into that, we usually don't do static markups 

HR: Thank you for sending stats 

Advanced Search: Results

JG: What are the headers 

RB: Narrow subject by results should be a heading 

Summary the rest of the Issues

RB: Issue #4 we understand that issue 

RB: Issue #5 confusing labels, check the refine the MO before the control 

KP: No, for each field, there needs to be a label (can be hidden) 

RB: That makes sense 

RB: What about putting a from in front of the month dialog box 

HR: The issue is whether you are in the two or from 

JG: The filedset would be useful here 

KP: the default in the combo box is month, if the default should be “select month” 

KP: It makes it less ambigous 

RB: Issue #7: We can fix 

RB: Issue #8: We may change the alt text to null on the link 

RB: Issue #9: Is more involved, but we should be able to do by the summer 





KP: When you change the database it resets the text fields, there probably an onChange event 

RB: It is not suppose to clear out the text boxes, the filed codes are different for each database 

JR: Limit results changes with database 

KP: I had a student using a screen reader caused a lot of confusion 

Next Meeting

JG: Next Friday at 10:00 CST and 11:00 EST 


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