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Date: 2007-03-16

Time: 10:00 AM CDT



EBSCO Accessibility Teleconference 16 March 2007 Minutes

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Scribing Error

Many of the comments attributed to Kimie Kester (KK) were actually from Khalilah Gambrell (KG), apologies from the scribe for this error.

Hadi's Comments

HR: People liked the video clips seem to have been very helpful

HR: Thank you for EBSCO for dedicating their time and efforts for accessibility

HR: The demo server is important for communication and keeping on the same page

HR: Code fragments are difficult to understand out of context sometimes

HR: Some people view accessibility as only screen reader access and we what to make sure we look at all disabilities and a wider range of assistive technologies

HR: I invite EBSCO people to participate in Accessing Higher Ground conference

EBSCO Proposals

KG: Thank you for your help in making EBSCO more accessible

KG: The videos were very helpful

KG: Here is a list of things for next release (April), based on documentation you provided and the video

KG: Add page title information, to the actual page, it will say EBSCO search, etc..,so people will know what page they are on

KG: There is a section called narrow results by subject, so we are going to tag them all with an unordered list

KG: We will modify the published date limiter label, the dates are hard to associated with form controls

KG: We have tested with screen readers and it seems to work well

KG: We have emptied the javascript function

KG: One thing from the video is noting whether people are on the results list page, we will add a label called results

KG: It is not a heading it is a label with unclear what the 1 through 10, we are adding the text “Results”

KP: I just sent in issues, one is related to this range information, this should be a heading to help people navigate to the results.

HR: This is also on the issues list

KG: I am writing this down as a potential change

KG: We have setup access keys for navigation

KG: We are waiting to get the demo server setup with these changes

HR: Will the demo server be available before April

KG: I am not sure, I will let you know as soon as possible

HR: This is very important to improve communication and make sure we are all talking about the same thing. Many times there are misunderstandings

KG: We are working on getting the demo server setup, any changes though have to be evaluated for whether we can make the changes

KK: We cannot not make changes instantaneously

HR: Can you send us source code?

JR: Code shots are very useful

KK: I will check to see if we can send code shots

KK: The final one for the April release, is navigation

KK: We want users to be able to TAB through navigation and have focus changes be visible

KK: We changed the proposal based on Jon feedback

KK: We will use H1 and H2 ..

HR: Are you going to hide navigation?

KK: The navigation will be hidden, we don't know the impact of add more text on the interface

HR: Just for your information some people with LD benefit from this information

KK: The top navigation, secondary navigation

KK: The page title would be in H1 and primary would

JG: Navigation bars should be h2

HR: There maybe sub headings, structural markup

KK: I will confir with the people building these headers, there maybe other options

KK: The header being hidden for people using screen readers,

JG: When you disable styling does the document linearize well

HR: Form controls?

KK: We will have the corrected from date, managing form labels, and can be interpreted, that will be an item that will be taken care of, but not complete by April

HR: When you are addressing the month and year issues, you can take care of other form controls

KK: For us to verify the labels, it has to part of a different project, so that will be a part of the next release, summer or fall, but it is a part of our plan

HR: Thats great

KP: The onChange event that triggers the blanking of the data base fields going to be addressed

KK: that will be addressed in a future version, we need to think about how to figure out to fix it, but it is part of the plan

KP: the problem with it is that onChange event makes a lot of changes and confusing to a screen reader user.

KK: We are looking how to make our drop downs more accessible and impact on other users

HR: The graphical icons are redundant links?

KK: It impacts quite a few icons on many pages, so it is a major change to change these all to null

KK: The proposals we made today are what we can do for April

KG: We are looking a July – August release for the next release

KK: One other issue for headers

KK: What is the best way to provide,

JG: State information should be part of the title: title, h1

KK: So h1 should be updated

KK: What about secondary navigation, the item they are currently selected may not be a hyper link

HR: We have this discussion with other companies, you have the information that it is selected

HR: Have an image icon or text that is is selected

JG: Header h1 should be used to indicate the current main content

KR: Taking about the interface form current view...

KK: You can browse the information in different ways

general discussion about basic and advanced search

JG: What accesskeys were you are planning on using

KK: I can get you the information

JG: Access keys have many problems, you can look at our best practices:

HR: Ken I got comments, i will update the issues list

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