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Date: 2007-04-05

Time: 11:00 AM EDT; 10:00 AM CDT; 9:00 AM MDT; 8:00 AM PDT



5 April 2007 Teleconference for EBSCO 
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• Hadi Bargi Rangin, UIUC

• Jon Gunderson, UIUC

• Ron Burns, EBSCO 

• Khalilah Gambrell, EBSCO 

• Kimie Kester, EBSCO 

• Yuriy Voznyuk , EBSCO 

• Diane Moody, EBSCO 

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• Ken Petri, OSU

• Penny, OSU

• Ranti Junus, MSU

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Issue 10: Onchange event in database field

HR: Is it still an onChange event

KG: That will be changed in the vnext version

JG: The main was the clearing other form fields when you changed databases

KG: That was Ken's issue

HR: This can be done through hidden name in HTML

RB: We are developing a new design and we can send you a link

KK: We were close to fixes, but some thing came up and will not be part of this release

KK: We have new design for a different product that we hope to integrate into ehost

JG: Solution in future release

Issue 11: HTML save file name does not match the article

YV: We are building a the page on fly, I will look to see if we can get dynamic names

HR: KK response is looking into making a change

Issue 12: Viewing and Saving PDF

KG: We do suggest that people setup adobe to open the pdf file outside the browser

HR: Somebody at the library may not have the option in the library

JR: Is there option to down load or save pdf?

HR: Can you save to PDF? There are settings to change

RB: The browser is configured to handle the PDF

RB: MIMETYPE is set to Adobe PDF

JG: Who makes these PDFs

RB: Half are made by the publisher and half by us

RB: We have all qualities PDF

JG: Do you try to make these accessible?

RB: Some from PDF are better than others

DM: We are can write up an FAQ on this

RB: We can check into how many documents are tagged PDF

HR: I went to PDF training and there are better accessibility features in Acrobat 8

HR: Acrobat 8 has built-in OCR capabilities and scripting capabilities to improve accessibility

HR: You may want to check the what tools you are using

KG: We do describe how to make PDF accessible, so since 2004 we have been making an effort

RB: We are not sure of the procedures, we will check with that department

Issue 13: Shortcut keys desirable

JG: Could you explain the use of accesskeys

KG: We used WAI guidleines

JG: Accesskeys have conflicts with both browser shortcut keys and assistive technologies

JG: Allow user configuration and use number keys

HR: Accesskeys can cause more problems than they solve

RB: So we might want to change how we do this

Issue 14: More context for number of results desirable

JG: In the new version can you make the number as a part of the item link

HR: If you are dealing with huge results, it can make difficult

KK: Do you want the number 1 to be hyperlinked

KK: Looking at reducing tables

KK: I can being the number being part of the link to the developer

KK: We are working on table layout, but most of the focus is other products, and there are problems with Ebsco host, but we are still working on EBSCO host

Issue 15: "Display link to search" needs improvement

RB: If you use the bookmark feature of your browser to try to save a search page the url was did not have enough information to get back to the page, so
there was a link to generate a unique link, this will be changed to make displayed link have enough information to get back to the current results page.

Issue 16: Problem with layout of Abstract table

KG: We can ask to the status of the TH tags

General Comments on Header Labeling

JG: “Site Meu” -> “User Options and Settings”

JG: “Main Tool Bar” -> “Search Options”

JG: “Sub-Toolbar Links” -> “Basic Search Tabs” depending on the search option selectes

HR: Tabs make sense to screen reader users

JG: H1 and TITLE element should include both the “Search Option” and the “Tab Being Viewed”

See Best Practices Titlting:


Next Meeting

4 May 2007 at 10:00am CDT (Chicago Local Time)

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