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Date: 2007-05-04

Time: 11:00 AM EDT; 10:00 AM CDT; 9:00 AM MDT; 8:00 AM PDT



Ebsco Accessibility Teleconference Minutes 05/04/2007
by: Jon gunderson

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KG: We made changes to include headings for improved navigation

KG: Added titling information to advanced search page, ...

KG: Resolved the javascript titling issue

KG: Added a results heading, starts with results 1-10

KG: We list the subject terms in a more organized way

HR: You also added hidden labels in the form controls, very good

KG: We added accesskeys

KG: Those we most of the changes that were made

HR: There is a section called narrow results, and the heading is part of the list heading, my suggestion is to take it our of the list element, I thought this was fixed, but have not seen it on the production server

KG: I will check to see if has been pushed to production

HR: There were keys that were assigned to multiple funcitons

KG: I recall the use of number for accesskeys, are there a guide for use of accesskeys

HR: We recommend:

HR: If you have good headers then accesskeys are not that important

HR: There are big problems with internationalization, operating system conflicts and assistive technology conflicts

KB: What do you test with

HR: IE 7 and FF

JG: Describes the behavior of accesskeys in IE, FF and Opera

HR: What would be to do with accesskeys

JG: Can you go over the accesskeys that you have defined

KG: I don't have them infron of me

JG: Does the web page know about the accesskeys

HR: F: for folders

RB: It is frequently used key

HR: Problems with accesskey F, since this takes most people to the File menu in IE and FF

HR: Headings are more useful

JG: Why did you multiple define accesskey for H, S and T?

HR: People sometimes loose track of their definition

RB: We didn't actually multiply define accesskeys

RB: We don't have the results

RB: basic search is a frequently used

JG: You may want to refine the accesskeys using numbers

JG: It is great that your QA people are looking at accessibility

HR: What was the auto complete function, did you have a chance to test that?

KG: no I didn't have a chance

HR: I might be able to some testing to check to see if it is not a screen reader feature

HR: I had a problem using the feature as a typing, is there a reason to a checkbox to use auto complete

KH: Can you repeat

HR: you need to go to new features to disable the auto complete features, could you provide a checkbox next to the form

RB: we are going to move this checkbox to a user configuration features

RB: the library can make a system wide preference

HR: There is no indication that the personal preferences are saved.

RB: We have a sign in to my EBSCO host

HR: KH could you go through the July release

KH: Auto complete will be changing in July

KP: I will need to leave, but teo things

KP: I though the use of DL work really well, but I also found on the page information about the language combo box

KP: the navigation list moved to UL

KH: We would like to remove tables where ever possible in future releases

KP: In the advanced view there is selected

HR: I see it

KP: Can you include that in-line so people using screen readers can understand

HR: You need to arrow down to hear selected, if it was in-line then they would not have to know to arrow down

KP: That was the suggestion that I wanted to make, and then you can hide that from the visible view

HR: you don't see it

KP: we see a different highlighting, but the word selected is not visible

KP: You navigate by links alone, you do not hear that

KK: can I ask KP a question

KK: Would you prefer to read the left hand column or the results, prefer to see number 1 or the narrow results

HR: When you linearize the results, does the narrow come before or after results

KK: yes

HR: For me it is just going to next heading, but for keyboard user that the getting to the narrow might be more important

JG: The use of the ARIA markup to improve keyboard

HR: I have a question from our friend in Canada

HR: The changes will be available to Toronto?

KH: We will need to check to see what interface is available

HR: What is the relationship of the EBSCO host to the other EBSCO databases

RB: A lot of the libraries create separate links, but they all go tot he same interface EBSCO host

HR: I tested some there and some did not headings

Discussion of how libraries can create more specific links EBSCO resources

RJ: UIUC is using links to provide information on specific journals in the EBSCO database

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