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Date: 2007-06-08

Time: 12:00 PM EDT; 11:00 AM EDT; 10:00 AM MDT; 9:00 AM PDT


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MiraPoint Teleconference Minutes 06/08/2007


The accessibility reports on selected webmail modules (E-mail summary, reading mail, compose, Address book) created by Hadi have been introduced and reviewed.

Matt finds such reports for very valuable and he was looking for such detailed reports.

Matt is going to share the reports with the engineering team.

Hadi suggested to wait for response from MiraPoint before testing and evaluating more modules to make sure that we all are on the same page and the format of the report is fine for the developers.

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Open Action Items

Test Rain Dance Teleconferencing technology for potential Training Webinar
Person responsible: Larry Herman, Jon Gunderson, Hadi Rangin
Status: In progress; first test on 10/10/2007 failed

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