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Date: 2007-09-06

Time: 4:00 PM EDT; 3:00 PM EDT; 2:00 PM MDT; 1:00 PM PDT



Mirapoint Accessibility Teleconference Minutes on 09/06/2007
By: Jon Gunderson


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Action Items


LH: Working MOSS 4.2 PRDs
LH: We want to work with your group to determine the priorities and the customer needs for accessibility
LH: We need to determine the resources needed to implement features
LH: Will release a PRD for the group to review and prioritize features
HR: I have suggested many changes have you looked at tem
LH: Yes
HR: Can we distribute the modified PRD
LH: Yes, I will send it to you
HR: Allan or Gale do you have any questions
AT and GS: no
HR: How can this group help Mirapoint make the product more accessible
LH: I think specifically for evaluating the PRD
LH: Pointing us to the best practices for web based applications
JG: Looks like we need to get everyone the PRD

-- Howard Kramer Joins and introductions --

HR: Next teleconference Monday the 17th of September at 3:00pm CDT
HR: We work a lot with developers, but they don't always understand
HR: We would like to have a dedicated server to test the application, do you think we can have access to a development server
LH: It might not work for the development stage, but that would probably good for the Alpha stage, and it should be in the PRD
AT: Would it be useful to have mockups of user interface to be tested
LH: I am not sure what you mean
AT: What if you could prototype just the user interface and test accessibility of these mockups
LH: That is interesting, I am open to that, I am not sure how the development engineering manager will say about that
HR: It is cheaper to put things at design time than after a lot of code is written
LH: The debate is a new product or a derivative of current standard and corporate versions
LH: Both of these products have the similar backends, yet different user interfaces
LH: We are considering to make one or both of these accessible, or do we need a new special interface for accessibility
LH: We need your perspectives on the directions we should go in terms of accessibility
HR: We have standard edition, can we get a license to corporate
LH: We can look at getting licensing, and there are differences in how the products can be branded
LH: UCB and UIUC use different products
LH: Basically the biggest difference is that the corporate is the use of javascript and it looks like outlook, and it has a few prettier UI fetures like
auto complete
HR: I am not a decision maker, if UIUC decides to use corporate edition
AT: We can run a small number of Corporate licenses in parallel with standard edition
HR: Yes
AT: We could use this as requested service for people with disabilties
AT: Nomatter which way you go I think we can make it work on our campus, without changing the interface for the whole campus
LH: Mirapoint is not sure which direction it will go and we will use you input in helping us make decisions
AT: Our job is to help you understand the issues related to making the product more accessible, and not to tell you which product more accessible
LH: I agree
HR: Has anyone viewed the video clips?
LH: I will check
HR: Do you think having some one come Mirapoint to do some training would be useful
LH: It would be useful, but not all our developers are in CA
JG: We will work with you on training needs
LH: Lets make sure testing and development server is in the PRD document
HK: Would it help to have someone on the call from our e-mail system administrator?
JG: Yes, I think it is important to have someone from the service side to provide input on implementation and technology issues 

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Open Action Items

Test Rain Dance Teleconferencing technology for potential Training Webinar
Person responsible: Larry Herman, Jon Gunderson, Hadi Rangin
Status: In progress; first test on 10/10/2007 failed

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