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Date: 2007-09-17

Time: 4:00 PM EDT; 3:00 PM CDT; 2:00 PM MDT; 1:00 PM PDT



Mirapoint Accessibility Teleconference 09/17/2007
By: Gale Stafford

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Note: Allan Tuchman of the University of Illinois was unable to attend; however, prior to the meeting, he submitted his comments concerning the Product Requirements Document (PRD) over the MIRAPOINT-ACCESS-L@LISTSERV.UIUC.EDU list.

Meeting opens and everyone makes introductions, briefly discusses their role.

Hadi asks for feedback on Jon’s comments concerning the Web Accessibility PRD that Larry sent out.

Miah asks about PRD, noticed that Standard Edition wasn’t mentioned in the PRD but Corporate Edition was mentioned.


Miah asks about having a special branding applied to S.E. to make it accessible.

Larry: Temple University developed a brand for the most simple mode (i.e., “No Frames Mode”) inside S.E, with the goal of improving accessibility of the application. The No Frames Mode seems to be the best mode for readers. They’ve been successful in rolling that out to some of their users who use screen readers. Larry will contact them to see if they’d be willing to share their branding.

Jon discusses his suggested modifications to the PRD:

Larry asks for clarification on Jon’s “labels and form controls” suggested modification.

Jon explains need to associate that label text with form control. Google example – they don’t label their text box.

Jon explains more of his suggested modifications:

Larry says he can peruse all of Jon’s comments and reply back by email. So far the comments from Jon look great. Easy and understandable.

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Open Action Items

Test Rain Dance Teleconferencing technology for potential Training Webinar
Person responsible: Larry Herman, Jon Gunderson, Hadi Rangin
Status: In progress; first test on 10/10/2007 failed

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