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Date: 2007-10-08

Time: 3:30 PM EDT; 2:30 PM CDT; 1:30 PM MDT; 12:30 PM PDT



MiraPoint Accessibility Teleconference 10/08/2007
Scribe: Gale Stafford

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Action items



Larry – this PRD … will be considered at the same time for MOS 4.2 
decision making. Resource allocation and resource leveling for that 
release. Needs to be resolved before the end of the this month to see 
who or what we allocate to that development.

Hadi – logistical question. Instead of using a Word doc, is it possible 
to use an HTML version of the PRD? (but doesn’t want much time spent on 

Larry will take a look at this.

Jon may be able to get some information to Larry that could help in this 

Larry – we’re looking at a variety of new presentations for webmail. 
Nothing has been decided at this point. At the end of the month 
(October), our goal is to decide on a direction to take.

Hadi asks Larry about an accessible version of “no frames”. Larry forgot 
to follow up on that but will do so.

Larry says Mirapoint will probably decide on creating another 
presentation – a presentation that both Standard and Corporate Edition 
users would be satisfied with.

Larry will send back to the group the public version of this PRD which 
has the internal company stuff (contacts, names, email addresses) removed.

Hadi asks about Mirapoint’s developers and their location.

Larry says Mirapoint has 4 developers in India, and 3 in Sunnyvale. 
About a 50-50 split.

Hadi says it could be useful to meet with Mirapoint’s developers.

Larry suggest a webinar format for the meeting – Jon and Hadi agree it 
might work.

Jon - Goal of meeting would be to teach the developers about 
accessibility issues.

Larry says Mirapoint uses Raindance for webinar conferences. You can 
share your desktop, and turn over control of the desktop to a meeting 

Jon asks about how to join people on audio.

Larry – for the speech element, people call into a number and type in a 
conference ID. For the visual element, people use Raindance.

Hadi asks if he should have access to a Corporate Edition interface.

Larry suggests that’s not too important and explains why Standard 
Edition is more important.

Larry – action item – re: testing the webinar - he will invite 3 people 
to a test run. In that conference call, he would provide a dial in 
number and conference ID and a web URL. Hadi needs to provide a small 2 
minute demo as a test.

Jon suggests testing later this week.

Jon, Larry and Hadi agree on testing this on 10/10 at 3:30 PM Central 
time, 1:30 PM Pacific time.

Hadi asks if anyone has technical questions concerning the PRD. There 
are none.

Hadi asks when we should hear from Larry regarding the decision. Larry 
says end of the month. It may take a week or two after that since we 
have other things going on at that time, as well.

Hadi asks if we should tentatively set a meeting ….

Larry suggests 2^nd Monday of November. Larry says by that point we 
should know what the 4.2 release will do for everyone and how much of 
the PRD will be incorporated.

Howard talks about their accessibility conference hosted at Boulder in 
first week of November. 200 attendees from around the country. This 
could be a marketing opportunity for Mirapoint.

Howard will send a link about this event to Larry.

Jon says there is at least one another company coming: EBSCO. Library 
database work.

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Open Action Items

Test Rain Dance Teleconferencing technology for potential Training Webinar
Person responsible: Larry Herman, Jon Gunderson, Hadi Rangin
Status: In progress; first test on 10/10/2007 failed

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