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Date: 2007-11-12

Time: 3:30 PM EST; 2:30 PM CST; 1:30 PM MST; 12:30 PM PST



The teleconference was canceled because larry couldn't make it, however he sent the following response to my inquiry regarding the status of the PRD.

Thanks Hadi:

Sorry I can't make the meeting today, I'm swamped.

We are working on finalizing a plan for a 
new WebMail/WebCal GUI that will incorporate 
many/all of the features of both the 
current Standard Edition and the Current Corporate Edition.
Because its mostly an all new front end interface, the current plan is to incorporate this into MOS 4.3 towards the end of 2008.

It will have the look and feel of the Corporate Edition and 
hopefully incorporate the usability enhancements defined in the
PRD that you all have seen and participated in.

Additionally, I have located a copy of the Temple University 
branding files.  I have not yet had the time to review these, but I 
plan to do this in the next few weeks. My goal here is to illustrate 
how Temple University improved WebMail usability by doing this custom 
branding project.

This branding process has the advantage of being usable on 
the current MOS versions and could be applied to the current
MOS 3.7, or 3.8 implementations at your schools.  Applying a 
new brand is something which requires work from our customers to edit some HTML style sheets and other similar techniques which can result 
in a customized "view". The end effect being much improved usability features. This work can also be accomplished by our Professional Services group for
a fee.

Most (almost all) of our customers perform a very simplistic branding process to incorporate your own school logo and colors into WebMail but there is
actually alot more that can be accomplished.

My next step is to evaluate the Temple brand and illustrate to you how we can accomplish your goals in short term without waiting another year.

Many thanks,

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Test Rain Dance Teleconferencing technology for potential Training Webinar
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