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Date: 2007-09-05

Time: 2:30 PM EDT; 1:30 PM CDT; 12:30 PM MDT; 11:30 AM PDT



Blackboard/WebCT Accessibility Interest Group Teleconference Minutes 09/05/2007
By: Laurie Harrison

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Hadi welcomed all new members to the group.


Based on previous conversations, members of the Blackboard Accessibility Interest Group are being organized into four sub-groups to use time and resources more effectively.  Details are available in previous minutes posted online at:

Sub-groups are as follows:

  1. IDEA Sub-group
  2. Testing Sub-group
  3. QA Sub-group
  4. Documentation Sub-group

This restructured working collaboration is getting a positive response. William Murray and Stephanie Cupp will be the key contacts from Blackboard. Blackboard will have representation on all groups. William and/or Stephanie to coordinate. Other Blackboard staff who are expected to be involved include:

Hadi proposes that we have one general meeting on first Monday of each month, with sub-groups to meet as needed between monthly meetings.
Hadi will create list serves for each sub-group. Proposed names for list servers are as follows:

  1. bb-idea
  2. bb-testing
  3. bb-qa
  4. bb-doc

Sub-Group Web Pages

It was agreed that only names of group members would be listed and not email addresses to avoide potential spamming. Pages can be administered by iCITA, and provide space where subgroups can document their activities.

Blackboard Accessibility Evaluation Program

Blackboard has contacted us re participation in Accessibility Evaluation Program for Gradebook. Volunteers include: Hadi, Valerie, Terry, Jon, Philip. Requires NDA to be signed. Hadi to forward email details for volunteering individuals to follow up.

Use of ATHEN Wiki for Working Groups.

Terry suggested use of Wiki for the group discussion or overall documentation of the work we are doing. He proposed using existing MediaWiki environment available on the ATHEN web site (Access Technologists in Higher Education: The WIKI URL is

Current structure is as follows:

This structure may be modified or extended. Hadi is satisfied with accessibility as there may be some opportunity to use an external editor. If there are accessibility issues with the Wiki they can be forwarded to the list for possible action. They may also be documented on the Wiki (ironic note.)

Action item: William Murray will forward correct URL for Blackboard Accessibility page to our group list serve. Needs to be updated in the ATHEN wiki and elsewhere.

Response to Feedback

William confirmed that he has sent to Stephanie Cupp a list of questions regarding how feedback from this Blackboard Accessibility Interest Group is used.  He indicated that Stephanie will follow up.

Leaders for Sub-Groups

Hadi solicited leadership for each group. Mandate of sub-groups and role of the leader was clarified.

  1. IDEA Sub-group Leader – Dennis James
  2. Testing – Terry Thompson
  3. QA - Saroj Primlani
  4. Documentation – Kevin Price

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