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Date: 2008-02-19

Time: 2:30 PM EST; 1:30 PM CST; 12:30 PM MST; 11:30 AM PST


  1. Update on Action Items
  2. Discussion of Blackboard accessibility module
  3. Update on wiki
  4. Discuss documentation about the HTML editors in Bb Academic Suite and Vista
  5. Brainstorm new ideas for generating content


Blackboard Documentation Sub Group Teleconference, February 19, 2008 1:30 SCT
Scribe: Kevin Price

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Discussion of Blackboard Accessibility Course

Andy Jacobson discussed that Beth Stinson will be updating the Accessibility Course with the feedback given by BB-DOC by the time of the subgroup meeting. Blackboard has a conference in July where it would be good to roll out this course to a broader audience. Beth will have some time to work on the course but it is important for the committee to provide the needed feedback to update this course. Blackboard will provide the space for the updated course and will work on changes that will be available for each BB-DOC teleconference meeting. There was some discussion between Hadi and Andy Jacobson about how often the course will be available with the updated changes and due to the way Blackboard works, it is best that the information come available before meetings.

Beth mentioned that the course was designed to be looked at within Blackboard so if you can import the information into a Blackboard course you will get a better idea of how the course works. Hadi indicated he was able to access the HTML file content and give feedback from these file.

To get some results it was discussed that the BB-DOC subcommittee pair up in teams to give feedback/changes to Blackboard for the course. This will make it easier for breaking down feedback. There are three main areas to the course are: Accessibility Unit, Learning Style Unit, and Universal Design Unit. Three teams were created to address the three different units: Accessibility Unit, Learning Styles Unit, Universal Design Units, Three preliminary teams were assigned:

  1. Kevin Price and Dean Brunsnighan Accessibility Unit
  2. Allen Maynard and Lisa Fiedor Learning Styles Unit
  3. Hadi Rangin and Jane Friedrich Universal Design Unit

Each team will be giving ongoing comments to Blackboard through Beth Stinson and the BB-DOC list. Blackboard will keep a spec list and cross off items after they are implemented.

Discussion of Materials on the Wiki

Hadi mentioned that the subsection of the BB-DOC Wiki Development group could be moved to the technical group. It would be a good match because the technical skills would useful for that area of outreach to developers.

Hadi mentioned it would be better for group members to create original content for their Wiki areas and not just links.

Kevin made some changes to the wiki to add Bookmarks and some navigation to go backward in pages. He is asking for feedback from his work on the wiki.

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