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Teleconference Details

Date: 2008-03-25

Time: 11:00 AM EST; 10:00 AM CST; 9:00 AM MST; 8:00 AM PST


  1. Review updates to the wiki (
  2. Teams present updates to Bb accessibility course
    • Kevin Price and Dean Brunsnighan - Accessibility Unit
    • Allen Maynard and Lisa Fiedor - Learning Styles Unit
    • Hadi Rangin and Jane Friedrich - Universal Design Unit
  3. Review of changes to Bb accessibility course so far - Beth Stinson


Blackboard Documentation Sub Group Teleconference minutes, March 25, 2008
Scribe: Kevin Price

Next Meeting

Action items

  1. Lisa will update wiki with a link to the page that Cheryl Todd had created with the Readplease information.
  2. Beth will update the course content with laws from other countries Web Accessibility standards /laws
  3. Jane will email E.A. Draffan ( about accessibility laws in other countries.
  4. Some of the links are outdated on the course; specifically the 508 links were outdated. Beth will work on.
  5. Beth will work spelling out acronyms on the course.
  6. Jane will develop a blurb for the course on how Universal design only goes so far and you have to have assistive technology (AT) for accessibility.
  7. Hadi will send out some information he received from a discussion about Universal Design from a recent meeting.
  8. Hadi mentioned that everyone needs to have their own information developed along with a resource section with Web Resource sections.
  9. Web sites referenced need to have a sentence or two describing the link.
  10. Everyone is asked to send comments on the course content to the BB-DOC list and not just to Beth.
  11. Need a BB-Doc representative at every General BB session. Kevin will be there April 7th.


  1. Lisa Fiedor, NC State, Chair
  2. Kevin Price, UIC, Co-Chair
  3. Jane Fridrich, Wilfrid Laurier University
  4. Hadi Rangin, UIUC
  5. Beth Stinson, Blackboard
  6. Cheryl Todd, Meredith College
  7. Cindy Poore-Paraseu, Bristol Community College

Wiki page


Review updates to the wiki

Cheryl Todd had worked with a wiki page reference Readplease. This page will be linked to the main site by Lisa.

Wiki subgroups need new content and references put in separate areas. The sites need a description of each of the links. More new content is needed on our wiki.

Beth has added a section on the wiki about updates to the course content. Jane and Hadi had made several comments that Beth had addressed in the course content section off the wiki.

Teams present updates to Bb accessibility course

Jane was interested in updating the course with more of international laws on accessibility. E.A. Dreffen may help with finding these laws. State laws might also be considered for the course.

Lisa indicated the Learning Styles section was good.

More Universal Design information on defining it in regards that Assistive technology is need in most cases for accessibility. Hadi indicated that he had some information about Universal Design form his conference where he met with a coup.

Some of the links were out of date for the Section 508 section.

Acronyms were confusing off the course and need to be spelled out.

Review of changes to Bb accessibility course so far - Beth Stinson

Beth has made several changes to the site (listed on the wiki) and it is now up as a BB course that everyone can access with name and password provided in email to members. People have been contacting Beth directly but it would be good to make comments to the bb-doc discussion list so everyone can participate.

Other Items

A BB-DOC member needs to be at every General BB meeting, next meeting April 7th, 1:30 CDT., Kevin will be there with a notes from out meetings.

Media wiki helps were found off their web site for those needing help (

Please add own information and a resource section with external links to the Wiki subsections.

Describe the external links with a sentence or two.

Edit teleconference

Discussion List