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Date: 2008-05-22

Time: 2:00 PM EDT; 1:00 PM CDT; 12:00 PM MDT; 11:00 AM PDT


  1. top priorities that BB is focusing on for "end-to-end user tasks" and to get feedback on those priorities.
  2. How BB is approaching those top priorities.
  3. Identifying if there are design group follow up items that should be taken away.

Note: the entire user group is invited as a continuation of the last meeting.


How to join:

TC Conference requires a plug-in, so please work on the set up prior to the meeting time. The meeting can be accessed at the above URL: where you will be asked to enter your name, but no password is required.

For voice, please call 866-753-8247 and enter the code 982 287 9257.


Blackboard Accessibility Teleconference Minutes 05/22/2008
Scribe: Stephanie cupp

Thanks to everyone who attended today's meeting. We had about 10 people or so, and the conversation was lively and helpful.

Highlights/Notes from today included

  • Stephanie showed the group how Blackboard writes requirements and specifications for accessibility in a standards-based format. This was very well received by the group and there was general agreement that this is a great start.
  • The group discussed the "top 5" end to end user activities that are prioritized for immediate focus, and suggested that 2 more should be added regarding communication within a course.
  • We discussed that July is the next opportunity for Blackboard to consider what could go into the next maintenance release for existing product lines.
  • We discussed that Blackboard will be searching for a third-party vendor to do an audit of the product for Project NG, and that Stephanie will request feedback from this group on the criteria used to select a vendor (such as which disabilities are tested by the company).
  • We clarified that the Design sub group is essentially made up of those who have an NDA so that we can examine products not yet released. Any activity before the general availability of the product requires an NDA.
  • Stephanie has an action item to see if the Design Group can get a copy of the focus area specifications in order to provide feedback.
  • We learned a bit about the TC Conference tool and what we can do with it (thanks for your patience everyone!)

The next meeting is for the Design sub group to meet on Friday of this week, as noted in the email from Dara earlier today.

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