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Date: 2008-09-16

Time: 3:00 pm EDT, 2:00 pm CDT, 1:00 pm MDT, 12:00 pm PDT


    Blackboard Documentation Subgroup

  1. Status of Blackboard Screen Reader
  2. Future Documentation of NG
  3. Volunteers for Co-Chair of BB-Doc Subgroup?


Blackboard BB-Doc Sub Group Teleconference minutes, September 16th, 2008
Scribe: Kevin Price

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Status of Blackboard Screen Reader

There hasn't been any updates or info on the time frames for the screen reader tutorial for NG. Kevin will contact Beth on this. George Washington University is working on this. Kevin will be very specific what we are asking about the screen reader tutorial

Public Access to Accessibility Course

There was discussion on the public availability of the Accessibility Course. The course is posted online for all to access. Dean is going to put the information on the wiki concerning this access. Please check my posting to the BB-Doc wiki. Dean decided that Andy had said everything pretty well, so he didn’t change anything from Andy's email. The link to the page is: Accessibility Course Available in Several Ways

The Accessibility Button Short Overview Explanation

The accessibility button was discussed from last meeting. Our group was going to add information for this button in the blackboard application, including keyboard shortcuts because it will replace the drag and drop function for people with disabilities. Current status/timeframes are not known. It is not known whether it is too l ate on completing this so Beth needs to be asked about the status of this.

Accessibility Index Documentation for End Users

It was discussed a practical documentation index which could be placed under an accessibility link. A lot of How to's could be used and the committee could get this started and hopefully blackboard will take over and make it publicly available for all. Feedback/ideas from Accessibility group is needed on what the priorities should be. It was suggested we get things started using the Wiki environment. We will start on the mailing list about get a list of feedback about this index. It was suggested to start small and get some success with such things as the keyboard keystrokes for accessibility and then build on it. Once we generate the index off the Wiki Blackboard could then also link to the information publicly. The group could ask blackboard to make the link public. The accessibility button and the table contents/index under a link are closely aligned. Blackboard should provide us a list of the accessibility shortcuts to start with.

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