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These days it is very difficult to find any services at universities that are not offered electronically. In deed, most services which were done for decades in the traditional pen and paper format are now only offered via the web. These services include course registration, financial aid information, time-sheet information, academic record information, and many more services. While the online services can be very convenient for the campus community in particular for students, at the same time, it blocks out most disabled members of our community from such services; in particular for those services that are offered only online such as financial aid information.

At the University of Illinois a product called SCT Banner developed by Sunguard Higher Education (SHE) is used for many online services. SCT Banner comes as a kind of baseline product and universities build additional modules on top of the baseline product either by local campus developers or by SunGuard base on the needs of the educational institutions.

SCT Banner with the current settings used at University of Illinois has serious accessibility problems and we have been working with the AITS department that is in charge of developing custom modules for UIUC and maintaining it.

We have been working with our AITS department at three different sub-projects namely

Open Action Items

Service Request
person Responsible: Pat Tuchman
Status: Scheduled for 03/07/2007
Detailed discussion on reported accessibility problems with SCT Banner Self-service (2nd review)
Person responsible: Hadi Rangin, Shawn Lee, Becky Mcnaught
Status: Completed on 12/11/2006
Accessibility issues recorded in AITS bug tracking system based on Hadi's report
Person responsible: Shawn Lee
Status: completed on 12/11/2006
Contact peer counterpartner at UIC and UIS
Person responsible: Becky McNaught
Status: In progress
Accessibility issues recorded in AITS bug tracking system based on Hadi's report (update 2)
person responsible: Becky Mcnaught
Status: Completed on 01/17/2007

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