Accessibility report on Banner Self-Service

Date: 12/5/2006
By: Hadi Rangin

There are a lot of details that need to be discussed to make sure that the Banner with all its modules can be accessible. To make sure that we are on the same page and my reports are understandable, I suggest to meet in near future to discuss the above findings and other problems that I haven't identified or reported yet.

Global problems

  1. Main menu and sub-menus need to be idnetified easier and they should be navigatable using keyboard and heading navigation functions. I suggest to provide (hidden) H2 element headings for "Main menu" and "Sub-menu". There is not a good practice to use table for menus or sub-menus. I believe all menus or sub-menus can be easily re-implemented using UL/LI element and stylize them with CSS. Places where tables are used for sub-menus are Account Billing Information, Personal information, Financial Aid information, etc. I don't know if moving away from table-layout is under your control or it is something that SCT Banner needs to do it but in either way I strongly suggest to do it.
  2. The items on the secondary navigation bar do not appear in a consistant manner. In most places, they appear as:

    However in the Student Account Summary, it appears that the code to generate the menu differs a little bit. this causes that an useful function in screen reader called skip repeated link to fail.
    Could you please check into it?

  3. The main heading of page should be an H1 element and not H2 element. Across all pages I have explored, it seems that H2 is used for the main heading of the page. this needs to be changed to H1.
  4. The "Return to Menu" is not needed because the main menu appears in all pages. It is just an unnecessary redundency.

Financial Aid

  1. In Financial Aid->Overall Status I am observing the following behavior. Is the behavior described below a feature or a bug?


    Is this the program intended to default to the last selected accademic year?

  2. Form control for selecting year doesn't have LABEL.
  3. Usability feedback: If an accademic year doesn't return any result, it needs to be indicated in clear text something like "No financial aid information was found for the selected year".

Account billing information

  1. In Student Account Summary the data table needs ID/Headers Association between column headings and their corresponding data cells. Without it screen reader users won't be able to determine if a number is a charge or a payment.
  2. In the same page, you read "Records 1 - 5 of 5". What is meant by this statement. None of the record is selectable. What 1-5 means?

Addresses and Phones

  1. Tables used for sub-menu; see the #1 in Global problems.
  2. Data table to display Addresses and Phone numbers do not have ID/Headers associations. Without this, a screen reader users won't be able to easily indentify the type of address or phone numbers.
  3. the form for adding new address and phone triggered from end of this page (Type of Address to Insert:), takes you to a form with many form controls. I have selected adding a billing address and here is my observations:
  4. There are approx. 5 form controls with no LABEL. Labels associate a form control with its corresponding form control text.
  5. At the end of first series of form controls, there are two checkboxes namely "Unlisted in Web Directory: ", "Delete this Address: ". There is a usability problem here. I can guess what Unlisted in the Wed Directory could mean but I am really not sure. More interesting is the second one "Delete this address". What does it mean. A It is not an usual practice to enter an address and tell the database to delete it. The common practice is to display user's addresses or phone numbers and give users the option to select the desired information to delete.
  6. Form control texts such as accss, del, unl are not descriptive. they need to change to more meaningful and descriptive texts. This texts are not consistant with the form control exts used in the beginning part of the form.
  7. the Summary attribute for the table used for the above form controls says:
    Summary: This table shows Address Selected for Update.

    The summary information does not match the purpose of the form.

  8. At the end of this form, there is a button called "Select a Different Address to Update". What it does it brings you back to the previous page. the text lable for this button needs to change to reflect its function better.
  9. E-mail from sub-menu. Is there any mechanism to add a secondary e-mail? Do we assume that everyone has only one UofI e-mail address. If not, how someone can change its preferred e-mail address?. clicking on the help to get more information about how to forward your e-mail to your personal e-mail address, opens a new window where "click here" is the text link. A link should have a meaningful information. If a link opens a new window, it should indicate this information.


  1. table-layout used for the sub-menu. See #1 in Global Problems.
  2. The TimeSheet is one of the most complicated component in the Self-Service section of Banner. I have identified the following problems:
  3. ID/HEADERS association in data tables missing.