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Date: 2006-09-14

Time: 1:00 PM CDT


Hello Everyone,

Our next teleconference will be on September 14. Please schedule it in your calendar. Please find more info about the next teleconference at the end of this e-mail.

On the next teleconference, we will continue our discussion on remaining WebMail Tasks. So far we have "covered Composing an e-mail". Jon and I worked on another Task namely "Viewing a folder" but we didn't have enough time to cover it in the last session.
There are other WebMail Tasks that we as a group need to identify and specify them. Here's a suggestion for other WebMail related tasks:

1. Composing an e-mail
2. Working with a folder (View/create a folder)
3. Reading an e-mail
4. Working with Addressbook (adding and reading to/from addressbook)
5. Replying to an e-mail? (maybe the same as compose?)
6. Working with Calendar (Reading task lists/adding a task)
7. Settings? (User-defined options?)
8. Instant Messaging?
9. Audio/video conferencing?

What do you think about the above suggested WebMail Tasks? Do the above tasks cover all potential Tasks in a typical WebMail application? Is any major/minor WebMail related Task missing?
Please send your feedback to the list.
It seemed that everyone was happy with the organization and classification of the Composing an e-mail that Jon and I wrote. Can you look into the other Tasks and organize and classify them?

Once we have the draft of the classification of  a task, then we can discuss it via the mailing list or on our weekly teleconferences. We have great members on board and and I am very positive that we can achieve great results if we work together.
Please let me know what Task(s) you would like to work on.

Teleconference info:
Date: Thursday September 14 2006
Time: 2:00 PM EDT; 1:00 PM CDT; 12:00 PM MDT; 11:00 AM PDT
Phone: 217 244-7532

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Port #: 6665
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1. Welcome new member(s); introduction
2. Next teleconference
3. Putting all feedback on the WebMail Working Group site (http://cita.uiuc.edu/collaborate/webmail)
4. Viewing/creating a folder (discussion)
5. Other WebMail Task (discussion needs to be determined what Task(s))



WebMail Accessibility Minutes 09/14/2006
By: Julio Chavarria

Hadi: Do you guys have the page that Jon and I sent. If don't I can sent the URL:

That is stuff that contains information based on feedback that I got. I would like us to 
go through each item on the list to see if we are on the right path. Jon, would you like to start?

Jon: Last time we left off we were looking at the compopose message feature. Hadi and I came up with
the new organization (see the new draft).
We identified three main "navigation bars" for a lack of a better term. 
The second set of functions are message functions.
the third set is called Message Functions.
The fourth feature is form control.

The next section is the Accessibility features.
Need to use H1 for titling to clearly indicate section.
In terms of the minimal titling information, it would depend where the message came from
EX. for new message it would say 

New Message, while for a reply, it would be

Reply TO: person. For a forward it would say

forward, etc. Jon: does everybody agree with this: EverybodY: Yes Hadi: Jon is editing the file he is discussing so any changes he makes can be viewed immediately if you refresh. JON: If everybody agrees with me, then there are not edits Everybody: laughter JON: Next section is Heading. H1 for title of page. H2 for navigation...The h2 are really associated with the "best practices" guidelines". Matt: Want clarification on whether the particular grouping of functions/features suggested by Jon is independent of any group/organizations. The point being that a particular group/org may not group the functions/features in the suggested order. Basically, we need to be clear between "navigation bar" from "navigation element". Jon: The way I see is that these groupings have similar/common functions. Matt: The point is to provide easy navigation tools/features to access various sections of the application. Thus what may be a navigational bar you may not be navigational bar to me. Hadi: What I would like to emphasize is that the navigation bar appear in a consistent way from interface to interface so that a user is always familiar with the application. JON: We can't generate guidelines for every group...Next section is the form labels. All form elements need to have a LABEL element associated with them. I think that multiple forms web page, they all need to have a heading for each form to signify the purpose of the form. The idea is that people need to know that there are multiple forms. Currently no screen reader tells you that a specific form element is associated with a particular form. Using a header seems to be consistent with what we have been doing. DON: What example can you give me where there will be multiple forms? I can't thing of a situation where you would have more than one form. HADI: A realistic example is where you would have a search with a submit button, and a compose form also with a submit button. JON: for a single form page, then its OK hadi: we should be able to assign/associate shortcuts. Matt: I like the idea of a standardized shortcut set across webmail applications. DO access keys have priority over JAWS shortcuts? Hadi: priority goes to windows, browser access keys, then screen reader. a standardized access key set won't work because of the different application configurations across multiple platforms. Jon: [Updating web notes based on discussion]. It would be nice to have a uniform set of access keys across web applications. Ideally we would need a default, configurable set of access keys. Hadi: I would like to pose a question. Consider for instance that we have page "preference task". Within that page we can choose to configure "Access Keys". Activating such feature give you a "multitabs window" where you can choose among, say: compose, viewing mail, etc. and in each of these windows have the option of being able to configur an access key for each of these features. Do you think its feasable? Don: it's feasable. But the question/immediate concern is where do you want to save this option(s). Basically you are dealing with server-side issues. Thus far we had only been dealing with client side issues, but it's feasable.

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