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Date: 2006-11-30

Time: 1:00 PM CST


1. Organizational stuff
2. Reporting our findings to ARIA group
3. Discussion on Don's Treeview example


WebMail Accessibility Meeting Notes 11/30/2006
by: Hadi

Next meeting: Thursday December 7
Next Scribe: Srinivas

Hadi asked the question what we should do with our findings and examples and how we can provide our feedback to ARIA group.
Don met with some of ARIA Members in the past weeks; they are looking for examples, final recommendations, and feedback.

Discussed the behavior of drag and drop function and the alternative way of this function using keyboard. Members believe that this functionality should be provided using the standard copy/cut/paste mechanism. So one or more selected mails in the grid can be cut/copied and pasted into the desired mailbox.

Discussed also the focus/selection relationship while moving in the TreeView. Mails from focused mailbox will not be displayed in the grid until it is selected. So in order to view the mails in particular mailbox, user needs to focus on desired mailbox, then select it by pressing the space bar. Tab key takes the focus to the first e-mail of selected mailbox in the grid. Shift+tab should take you back to the selected mailbox.

In the Treeview itself, right-arrow opens the folder and left-arrow key closes it. Operations such as moving a mailbox/folder, deleting a particular mailbox/folder, and renaming a mailbox/folder within the Treeview should be also provided. Multi-selection within the Treeview is not supported, for example, user can not select two mailboxes at anytime for operation.

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