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Date: 2006-12-07

Time: 1:00 PM CST


1. Organizational stuff
2. Finding the most effective way to provide our feedback/examples to ARIA group
3. Completing examples and potentialy producing new examples

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Date: Thursday December 7 2006
Date: 2:00 PM EST; 1:00 PM CST; 12:00 PM MST; 11:00 AM PST
Phone: 217 244-9181
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WebMail Accessibility teleconference Notes 12/07/2006

Next meeting: Thursday December 14
Scribe for 12/14/2006: Julio
Scribe for 12/21/2006: Matt

Julio: in the previous discussion we said "allow the access keys to be configured by the user". 
Hadi: get our notes to aria group by end of this year.
All: besides the contention we agree access keys are useful
Hadi: how about inviting Becky to our working group so she can answer our questions? preparing specific webmail related questions / comments would be useful for ARIA.
John: discussion about roles for grid. shortcut keys for grid
Hadi: access keys are still useful. we shouldn't give up on them.
Don: ARIA group is interested in our group. are we responsible to give them feedback? 
John: comments + examples is our goal
Don: get aaron to be involved in our group.
Matt: can we standardize on default actions based on the object?
John: call it a best practice, not a standard. but yes, it is a good idea to specify the default actions. 
Don: developer responsible for IE engine (in Beijing) is interested in ARIA. AOL is planning to get Microsoft to spend development hours to have ARIA implemented.
John/Matt: it would be nice to get aaron's attention to get state/role relationship with MSAA.
John: grid view example doesn't work with Windows Eyes. WE eats the keys that are used to navigate the grid.
Hadi: how do we communicate with ARIA?
John: i will write up the questions and send them to the group? we can later send them to ARIA group / aaron.
Hadi: can john/don write up the difficulties faced
John: i write up the current issues
Don: aaron answered redirecting to becky.
John: if becky could join the call next week that would give us a chance to ask the questions
Hadi: does anyone has time to create an address book example?
Mike: i could take a stab at creating an example
Hadi: we could use the mailing list to share ideas / examples without having to wait for the call
Mike/John: use focus and tabindex separately. focus to get a cell to be read, whereas tabindex to move between rows.
Don/Mike: use javascript focus to focus an element
John: if we give an element tabindex that element becomes focusable. using tabindex = -1 allows to set focus, but does place the element in tab order.
Don: we use a technique to dynamically set the tabindex = -1 to allow focus on an element. don has an example of this on his blog.

Action items:

- Don to invite becky for next week's call
- Mike to create an address book example
- John/Don to write up the issues
- Hadi to write the best practices

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