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Date: 2007-01-11

Time: 1:00 PM CST



Minutes January 11, 2007, Webmail Accessibility Interest Group

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Hadi: Need a consistent method. Discussed with Ken and his format last time was good. It was an html version. The most important section is the action item section. I post that on the web site on the main page so everyone can see them

JG: Just put Action Colon in the minutes.

Hadi: We ususally summarize them. It is good to keep them together in one place.

Ken: I tried to get as much of the conversation, and then took notes and went back in and listened to the recording. That seems to work well.

Hadi: Is there anything to add to the timeplate

Hadi: The next item is our schedule. I have scheduled calls now through March. I will post all those dates on the web so you can seem them

Hadi: I have update agenda item. Jon sent an example of the focus element so we can discuss them.

Jon: on Monday, I meet with the aria group on our grid.

Hadi: I have posted them on the colaboration main page as a link.

Jon: The first question was is this a proper use of a grid roll. They said yes. The second question was the use of the region role on the table row. The consensus was you should always use the accessiblity features of the at you are using. Each is already grouped in a TR element. So a region was not used on a row. You could put it there, but it does not add any new information.

Jon: ARIA is designed to take over where HTML fails. It might be easier to use the section role rather then header, but in general, they say you should use the symantic.

Jon: The next was the can’t put tabindex -1 on the TR. We can work with Freedom scientific to get this addressed.

Don: Discussion of ARIA Grid. Thoughts of adding a new ARIA Role that would mimic an outlook type UI.

Jon: that may be the new tree grid that Rich is proposing, like a threaded email.

Jon: these type of control are already in windows.

ACTION: Hadi will test the grid keyboard behavior in both Firefox and IE.

Hadi: So no action item here to me.

Jon: I think we need to work on the grid example.

ACTION: Jon and Hadi work on grid example.

Jon: Another thing is this new tree and list grid. I would like to make some examples to see how it applys to web mail.

Jon: the other thing that come out of the group was this putting focus on a table row. I set up an example.

Hadi: the link is on the colaboration page. The link is there.

Jon: it’s supposed to do… I tab thru the doc… there’s actually. I need to talk to becki. When I tab thru the doc, there is a link. I put tabindex = 0 and move focus.

Jon: Continues of problems with setting Tabindex. Maybe it is a problem with the code. But it doesn’t seem to move focus.

Hadi: any more questiong form the Aria Group?

Jon: No

Hadi: Live region update? Review of best practices? I have modified the section and wanted to get your comments. You can send them offline. Which first.

Don: Live Region:

Hadi: How do you handle refresh?

Don: we require it to be user configureable.

Matt: the page does not refresh.

Hadi: live region

Jon: there are some new live region examples on Mozilla.

ACTION: Feed back on best practices to Hadi by everyone.

Hadi: when you are all viewing with keyboard with focus on one row.

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