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Date: 2007-03-01

Time: 1:00 PM CST



Minutes WebMail Accessibility Interest Group 03/01/2007
Scribe: Don Evans



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Hadi: We have had some very good discussions about best practices. We are currently working on keyboard for grid.

Hadi: I have been adding to the best practices guide. Please look at the grid section. We have a keyboard command. I have added stuff from our last discussions there.

Matt: Just as a comment about tracking the doc. As we are doing reviews. It might be easier to put at the top there are changes. It is hard to tell where new changes have gone in.

Hadi: The Discussion section is new. Do you think it is helpful?

Hadi: Discusses Grid navigation. How is space key used and the right/left up/down arrows. When you enter a grid, you should automatically go into row navigation. An arrow down or up would navigate via row navigation. An arrow right would move to the first column and enter column navigation An arrow left would move to back to row navigation. Arrow right would take you column by column to the end of the columns. Another right arrow would wrap around to the next row and enter row navigation. Another right would take you to the 1st column and column mode. When in column mode, home and end take you to the first and last column When in row mode, home and end take you to the top or bottom row. Space pressed in either mode selects the entire row

Julio: What about rowspan and colspan?

Julio: what is defined as a selected message? Current implementation is a column of checkboxes. If the column is selected, the box is selected. If I follow what's in the best practices, message # 4 if I check that and go up arrow, then the best practiced say the box should be unchecked. I think this will create confusion. If you go uparrow you should not uncheck it.

Matt: Don: Agree.

Julio: We need clarification

Don: Arrow up Grid Behavior says, Focus moves to the immediate row above and selects it. So that should not be select as in select the check box, it should mean that focus is moved to the row above.

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