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Date: 2007-03-15

Time: 1:00 PM CDT



WebMail Teleconference 03/15/2007
by: Jon Gunderson

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Comments from Julio

Toggle Column/Row navigation

HR: Julio suggests escape key, I have no objections

CB: What are these modes

HR: Explanation of row and column row

CB: The example provides left and right and up and down rows

HR: Carl will working on grid implementation

JB: Why was shift space dropped?

JG: Control+Space selects a message

HR: We are discussing that we don't need it

HR: Navigating to specific row and pressing space bar

JG: Control may have come from control right link

HR: Do we need that?

JC and CB: The use of SPACE is easier

HR: Resolved for SPACE to select a row

CB: Its like you are getting out or row navigation mode

JC: You can get out or row mode

HR: What about screen reader behavior?

HR: I don't think it will interfere with screen reader

JC: Would the keystroke be problematic with other AT

HR: Other AT has dedicated keys

JG: Escape key is mapped to the cancel button in windows

HR: We can recycle shift+space for toggle row

JC: You mean control+space?

HR: Shift+space and control+space were redundant

HR: Shift+space should be used to toggle between row and column

CB: Should it be a toggle?

HR: Shift+space should be used to switch to row navigation mode

HR: If it is a toggle, if we had a toggle key would it take you to last column selected

CB: If you can do it with the keyboard you should be able to do it with the mouse

JG: Double click could be used to select the row

HR: What is the technique for mouse mode

JG: We need to select content for copy and paste

HR: Toggle is the current recommendation of the shift+space

HR: Space will be used for selecting a row

all: Toggle is the way it should work

Left and Right Arrow Keys

JC: Don suggestion requires one less keystroke

HR: Right

JC: People go to column or row navigation it should stop at the beginning or the end of the row aor column

all: yes

Column Navigation Mode and Selecting

HR: People should stay in column navigation mode and select a row (space), you should stay in column navigation mode

JC: Focus stays in the last cell or row selected

all: yes

JC: Left Arrow moves to last column and moves people into column mode

Selecting Rows

HR: Shift+Up and Shift+Down arrow keys select multiple rows

CB: In windows the current row is also selected

CB: Windows does not distinguish between selection and focus

JG: I don;t think that is true

JC: This of excel rows

JC: Shift and arrow keys

HR: What about column mode?

HR: We should be able to select the content of the columns with shift Arrows

JC: What about vertically?

JC: We need clarification, are we talking about row selection or content selection?

JC: Basically content selection and row selection should be the same

all: yes


HR: We have three views, page view with display size

HR: There is another option for a scrollable view

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