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Date: 2007-03-29

Time: 2:00 PM EDT; 1:00 PM CDT; 12:00 PM MDT; 11:00 AM PDT



WebMail Teleconference 03/29/2007
Scribe: Carl Brasic

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1. Intro: Example is not fully functional, needs more ARIA Markup
2. Navigation issues: 
    A. Left and Right Arrow Key: Consensus on stopping at extreme left and right columns, rather than looping around.
    B. Shift + Up / Down as toggle: consensus to keep.
    C. Shift + Up / Down sticky: consensus to keep, ie checked items don't become unchecked on extra moves.
        i. Julio mentions bug: Users should be able to "pull off" an overzealous selection with the opposite direction (toggle should work initially)
    D. Contiguous multirow multicolumn selection in column mode: consensus to avoid.
    E. Page Up / Page Down Behavior: none in static view, next page in continuous mode
    F. Control + Page up / Page Down: consensus on no function
    G. Shift + Home / End Should work as expected
3. ARIA Features to work on:
    A. use group role instead of region role for Table row elements
    B. Change focus of TR on keyboard navigation
    C. Screenreader verbosity and interface controls: user or reader?
    D. Behavior of row upon focusing should be to read contents of row.

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