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Introduction to the concepts of designing accessible web based materials to be more accessible to people with disabilities. Participants need to have experience in developing and publishing web materials.

Students will learn:

Students will work on a semester project related to disability access and the web.


Jon Gunderson, Ph.D.
Division of Rehabilitation - Education Services
Phone: (217) 224-5870
E-mail: jongund@uiuc.edu


Credits: 3-4 Credits, 1 Unit (1 unit or 4 credits requires project work)

Timetable: LIS 350AR

Permission: You need to get permission from the instructor to enroll


Lecture Location: Room 289 Undergraduate Library Computer Lab

Lecture Times: 9:00-10:20am Tuesday and Thursdays

Project Location: Room 124 Rehabilition Education Center

Project Time: 3:00-4:30pm Thursday


Lecture Information
Date Topic Readings Goals Assignment
January 15 Alternative Views of the Web: Adjusting Browsers
Power Point Version
WAPD: Chapter 7 Lecture 1 Assignment 1
January 17 No class      
January 22 Alternative Views of the Web: Adjusting Browsers
Power Point Version
WAPD: Chapter 7 Lecture 1  
January 24 Alternative Views of the Web: Speech Browsing
Power Point Version
WAPD: Chapter 10    
January 29 Accessibility Guidelines
Power Point Version
January 31 Evaluation and Repair Tools
Power Point Version
:   Assignment 2
February 5 HTML Markup and Structure
Power Point Version
February 7 Web Usability    
February 12 Navigation and Structure    
February 14 Navigation and Structure    
February 19 CSS Text Formating   Assignment 3
February 21 CSS Positioning   Assignment 4
February 26 Describing Images    
Feburary 28 Redesigning Websites      
March 5 Scripting     Assignment 5
March 7 Scripting      
March 12 Scripting      
March 14 Exam 1      
March 19 Spring Break      
March 21 Spring Break      
March 26 Redesigning Websites      
March 28 Redesigning Websites      
April 2 Redesigning Websites      
April 4 Introduction to Multimedia Accessibility    
April 9 Multimedia: Real Media and Magpie   Assignment 6
April 11 Multimedia: Quicktime and Internet Explorer (HTML+Time)    
April 16 class cancelled      
April 18 Text Conversion Demo (meet a Rehabilitation Education Center)      
April 23 Web Site Redesign      
April 25 PDF Accessibility    
April 30 Authoring Tool Accessibility Issues      
May 8 Exam 2      

Required Software Materials

Lis350AR CD-ROM (provided first day of class)

HomePage Reader 3.02
Operasoft Opera 6.0
Internet Explorer 6.0
Netscape Navigator 6.2
Real Media Player
Microsoft Media Player
Apple Quicktime Player
Hotmetal Pro Demo
XMetal Pro
Dreamweaver Demo

Required Print Materials

[DHTML] Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference
Author: Danny Goodman
Publisher: O'Reilly.
Author: Doug Tidwell
Publisher: O'Reilly.

Optional Print Materials

[WAPD] Web Accessibility for People with Disabilities (Optional)
Author: Michael Paciello
Publisher: CMP Books
[DWU] Designing Web Usability (Optional)
Author: Jakob Nielson
Publisher: New Riders Publishing
[CSS] Cascading Style Sheets, designing for the Web (Optional)
Author: Hakon Wium Lie and Bert Bos
Publisher: Addison Wesley