Designing for Accessibility: Standards, Titling and Banner

Jon Gunderson, Ph.D.
Disability Resources and Education Services
Designing Universally Accessible Web Resources Workshop
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  1. Example Table Based Layout
  2. Example CSS Layout
  3. Image Resources for Tutorial
  4. Starting Document
  5. Step 1: Body background image
  6. Step 1: Cascading Style Sheet
  7. Step 2: Banner Title Part A
  8. Step 2: Banner Title HTML Source Code Part A
  9. Step 2: Banner Title CSS Part A
  10. Step 3: Banner Title Part B
  11. Step 3: Banner Title CSS B
  12. Step 4: Banner Title Part C
  13. Step 4: Banner Title HTML Source Code Part C
  14. Step 4: Banner Title CSS Part C