Web Accessibility Design Guidelines

Jon Gunderson, Ph.D.
Disability Resources and Education Services
Designing Universally Accessible Web Resources Workshop
e-mail: jongund@uiuc.edu
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  1. Goals
  2. Major Guidelines
  3. Rehabilitation Act of 1973
  4. Introduction to Section 508 Guidelines
  5. Subparts of Section of 508 Standards
  6. Section 508 standards
  7. Summary of Section 508 standard
  8. W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview
  9. WCAG process
  10. WCAG Priorities
  11. WCAG Full Guidelines
  12. WCAG Checkpoint Outline
  13. WCAG Techniques Document
  14. WCAG Checklist
  15. Comparison of 508 and WCAG by Jim Thatcher
  16. Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act
  17. State of Illinois Web Accessibility Standards
  18. Web Accessibility Policies at UW-Madison
  19. iCITA Web Best Practices
  20. UIUC Web Best Overview
  21. iCITA Web Best Practices Working Group
  22. Distance Learning Policies in California Community Colleges